Thursday, August 28, 2014

Pickle & Beet 3d Mini Replicas Assembly Guide

Petal-shaped beet and pillow-style pickle 
can be assembled quickly to fill a glass (or paper replica) mason jar 
for a unique and clever gift. Each can carry a penny-candy “filler”. 
Pairs with the mason jar 3d large or short replica with lid designs. 
Measurements: beet 2” (beet alone) or 4.5” (with tops); 
pickle 3.5” end to end. 

1. Push the "wart" cuts outward slightly.

2. Fold the mid-side partial length perforation lines only as far as they dashes are cut. Avoid extending the crease up the full length of pickle.

3. Crease the center partial length perforation line in a similar manner.

4. Fold the long tab back, fold the pickle into a tube, overlap the straight side edge to the perforation line at tab and glue in place. Take care that end edges on each side of seam also line up accurately.

5. Apply glue between the ends where curved edges line up.

6. Press and hold until adhesive secures the seam.

7. Apply pressure to the tube to re-align the opposite end curves edges. Apply glue between layers and press to secure.

NOTE: If you plan to fill the pickle with a treat, it will need to be inserted before the second end is glued.

Here is the completed gherkin pickle pod.

1. Prepare the petal shape by folding all perforations as inward (mountain) folds.

2. Overlap and straight edge to the opposite side perforation line and glue the seam.

3. Add some curl to the petal ends by applying pressure between finger and thumb and drawing the card stock through, like curling ribbon against a scissors blade.

4. For the version that includes the stalks, use a narrow tool like a coffee stir stick to roll the stalks shape into a tube. Glue the upper edge to the surface beneath it to secure the stalks in tube form.

5. Add some curl to the individual stalk strips.

6. Use twine and a darning needle to thread a length of string through the 5 holes in order, inserting from face side through to back, then next petal punch hold face side through to back, etc.

7. Before cinching up the twine, position the stalks ends behind one of the petal shapes, so that the uncut portion of the roll is below the punch hole. Glue and attach the end tabs in place, as well as any of the uncut tube outer surface. Hold and apply pressure until secure.

8. Tie twine ends in simple overhand know and cinch in the petal ends carefully. Secure the ends in a tight, neat square knot. Trim ends to about 1.5" or so.

9. Adjust the stalks to be perpendicular and straight at beet top.

10. Tuck the twine ends into the beet interior using tweezers or similar tool, if necessary. If ends won't stay put, apply a little glue and pressure to assist.

For beets without stalks, simply skip the stalk prep and adding steps. Thread the twine through holes as instructed, cinch up twine, pull tight, then tie square knot. Trim and hide ends in the manner described.

Here are the finished beets.


  1. I'll be honest...I started laughing when I saw these! They look so real! Those pickles are wonderful!

  2. Probably had the most FUN with these.

  3. My mom used to make the best dill pickles in the world. This makes me miss her!