Thursday, August 28, 2014

Mason Jar Window Gift Card Flat Box Assembly

You can fill this mason jar "flat" box inner container 
with loose treat, then give a unique gift as card or token.
Clear window liner keeps them in place.
Front and back jar shapes are layered onto offset bases
then attached to the inner box's front and back.
Optional box "hinge" will allow back to swing open
for easier assembly, and to provide a sentiment space.
Optional back decor shape can hold a gift card as well.
Leave simple as shown, or embellish with flowers, jewels, twine, etc.

Cut file available for purchase and download from SnapDragon Snippets
through SVG Attic, and Silhouette America's online store.

1. Identify and cut the shapes

A box container (with clear plastic "window" on top)
B box hinge back 
C shaped card front 
D shaped card back
E optional contrast jar ower front
F decorative jar front with offset heart opening
G heart outline
H card back with gift card tabs
I lid front and back shapes with rim and screw-on "threads"

NOTE: if you prefer NOT to have the back include the gift card tabs, Silh Studio software (and others) will allow you to "ungroup" the back shape and remove the tabs and perforations for a plain back.

2. Prepare to attach the clear front window by applying clear adhesive tape strips to the INSIDE of the box container, around the front rectangle panel that contains the heart cutout. Place the tape strips on all four sides.

3. Position and firmly attach the window shape matching (slightly offset withtin) the rectangle of the container front.

4. Form the container shape into a tube and join the side seam by overlapping the straight edge over the tab to align at the perforation.

NOTE that the container can be pressed flat to allow pressure to be applied along the side seam area.

5. Apply adhesive to the bottom side and main tab, then fold them into place and tuck main tab into place to form the container box bottom.

You may find it helpful to use a tool to help attach the bottom tabs in place, such as the flat end of a pencil eraser or pen, by inserting it inside the box cavity and pressing against a table top or other flat surface.

This is how the container box should look at this point.

7. Prepare the back hinge shape by folding at the side perforation. Apply adhesive to the side section, then align at the right side (when viewed from the back) of the box container, and attach securely.

8. Identify the positioning perforation lines on the backside of the jar back shape. The hinge shape back panel will align between these lines and also line up with the shape's lower edge.

9. Apply adhesive to the outside of the hinge shape, then position on the backside of the jar back, align edges at perforation lines and lower edge, then apply pressure to attach securely.

10. Push gift card tabs out slightly, apply adhesive the the back except not the tabs, then position the decorative card back over the assembly, center (shape is offset slightly smaller), and attach securely.


11. Position and attach the jar lid shape, rim shape, and "thread" shapes, using the offset shaping of the back base as a positioning guide for placement.

12. Attach the heart cutout card front shape to the front of the assembly, following the same perforation positioning process as was done for the box container back in Steps 8 & 9.

You may be able to slide fingers into the box container to help apply pressure to the edges being joined, as is shown here.

13. Position and attach the contrast jar front and decorative front shapes.

14. Position and attach the front jar lid, rim and "thread" shapes. 

15. Center and attach the heart outline shape around the window opening (not illustrated here, but you can see this step four images further on).

16. Fill the box with your selected treat.

17. Close the box top by folding side and top tabs inward (but, of course, don't glue these in place).

18. To help hold the jar back "door" in closed position, attach a "temp hold" glue dot to the hinge door near the edge.

19. Insert the gift card between the tabs.

Here is the completed, filled gift box card.

And a side view, too.


  1. This is such a sweet gift box!

  2. Jodi, this is my favorite so far. It gave me a "vision" of my own. I'll share it with you soon! yeehaw! Love when this happens!