Thursday, August 28, 2014

Gift Pouch with Half-Pint Insert Assembly Guide

Tied up with a bow! 
No faster small gift wrap than this one-sheet pouch
with lacy scalloped edge with sides that tuck inward
and corners that come together.
Good for many small "contained" gifts,
the cut file includes a layered insert platform
that can hold the bottom of a half-pint jar in place.

This design is available as a downloadable cut file to purchase
from SnapDragon Snippets
through SVG Attic and Silhouette America's online store.

1. Fold the pouch shape on the perforation lines as shown here, from the face side of the square.

The "tic tac toe" line grid is folded as "mountain" or inward folds.

The side "triangle" and corner "diagonal" lines are folded as "valley" or outward folds.

Perforation lines may not extend into the decorative edge area, so apply a "pinch" press at the end of each line to extend the line.

2. Fold the pouch into shape by assisting the corners to come together at the center, as the side triangle perforations also angle inward. At the bottom, the square of perforations help the pouch bottom to form a box shape.

NOTE: You can use the pouch for other gifts besides a jar, of course, and can skip steps 3-7, in that case.

3. Prepare the jar bottom platform bottom by folding the side extensions as accordion folds, also folding them so they stack on top of the central box square around the cut out circle.

4. Apply glue to all surfaces that will touch and glue each stack in place.

5. Apply glue to the top of the accordion stack strips, then position the platform top square shape, and attach securely.

6. Position and attach the platform on the inside of the pouch, aligned within the bottom square of perforation lines.

7. To prepare your pouch gift, place the half pint jar so that the bottom sits in the circle cutout, which will hold it in position.

8. Thread a length of soft "silk style" (or other) ribbon through the corner holes of the pouch, then bring the corners together at the pouch top and cinch the ribbon in to tie overhand knot and bow.

Layer the three label/tag shapes and thread onto the ribbon before tying.

Here is how your gift pouch can look finished and tied.


  1. Wow! Another wonderfully elegant gift option with jars! Thank you for all of your hard work on all of these files! They are amazing...every single one of them!

  2. Jodi, you have been working hard! This is going to be great -- I'll be back when there is text.

  3. I just purchased this design from the Silhouette store and struggled to find your blog because they have it as "eedles" instead of "needles", but I persevered and found it. I'm so glad I did! You have amazing projects that I look forward to doing. Thank you so much for your wonderful tutorials! Have a wonderful day, Lena xxx