Sunday, November 23, 2014

Hollow Pumpkin Candy Center Table Favor

Adorn your Thanksgiving or Harvest table
with this slice form candy favor decorated with veined leaf,
vine spirals and name tag.
Pumpkin goes together as a slice form
(six hollow shapes join together along half-shape center perforations)
to contain a wrapped spherical candy treat 
such as Lindor brand truffles.
(Pop suckers will also work with the stick extending up
through the center "hole".)

1. Cut the shapes for one pumpkin place card.
6 slice form pumpkin sides
1 each: leaf, name tag
2 vine curl strips

2. Fold each of the slice form sides on the center short perforation lines. The bottom center has ONE line. The top center has TWO. (The top of the pumpkin will have a narrow opening so that the candy wrap or stick can be inserted through.)

3. Apply glue to one half only of the first slice form, then align the corresponding half of the second slice and glue the two together.

4. Prepare one half of the second (newly added in step 3 above) slice by applying glue as before, then aligning and joining the corresponding half of the third slice.

As the slices are joined, a "hole" will form at the center top . . . 

. . . but at the bottom, the sides will come together snugly so that no hole forms.

5. Continue adding the slices as done for the first three. When all six are joined, join the final side of #6 and #1 to complete the circle (or should that be "sphere"?).

Here, again, you can see the top of the completed pumpkin with the hex opening.

6. Add some curl to the leaf tip by rolling it across a tool handle or side of a scissors blade (think curling ribbon).

7. Curl the vine strips tightly around a dowel or knitting needle or similar tool so that the strip forms a nice spiral when released.

8. For the Lindor truffle candies, tightly twist the wrapper end that will be the top . . .

. . . then place the candy globe inside the pumpkin's hollow, and insert the twisted end through the top hex opening. Pull the end through as far as possible.

9. Insert the end through the leaf and slide the leaf down as snugly as possible.

10. Glue the ends of the vine curls to opposite side slices near the pumpkin's top.

11. Prepare the tags with printed or written names, then thread each onto the wrapper end.

(You may also wish to flare the bottom wrapper end and arrange to help the candy sit center in the hollow.)

Here is the finished place card pumpkin.

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