Friday, December 12, 2014

Elf 3d Hat Box Decor

Festive hat box features tall pointed crown 
with dimensional tassel ball on top,
six brim points that curve away at the crown base
with punch holes at tips to attach jingle bells.
Brim panels include punch holes that line up
through to hat interior to attach brads or eyelets.
Measures approx. 9" tall x 6" wide at base.
Base inserts in the bottom to make a sturdier decoration
or to provide a “secret” compartment for stashing a gift. 

1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A crown pyramid shape with accent shapes
B brim points
C brim point accents
D brim rim panels
E box base
F tassel circles (15 whole, 5 bottom partial)

2. Assemble the crown by positioning and gluing the crown accent triangles in place. NOTE that the base edges of accent shapes line up at the crown's segment perforation lines approx. 3/4" up from the bottom straight edges.

3. Fold the crown at long perforations, including edge tabs, and also on horizontal lines.

4. Form the crown into a pyramid to bring the side long straight edge to overlap the opposite long tab perforation line, and glue in place.

5. Fold the lower edge sections so that the straight edge and adjacent tab perf lines can line up, and glue the tab in place behind.

Repeat for each of the other 5 seams along the lower portion of the crown pyramid.

6. Position the brim point accent shapes on each brim point (lower straight edge aligns at perf line here, too).

Add some curl to the brim point, top section near tip only.

7. Fold each brim point on body perforation line as "mountain" fold, side tab and lower tabs as "valley" folds.

8. Position and attach first point to the crown pyramid assembly by sliding the bottom tab/flange under the edge of one section, centered along the section's width.

(NOTE that my brim point paper has green on the face side and white on the reverse side.)

9. Add a second brim point in the same manner, also overlapping the straight side edge of the previous point along the side tab of the new point to join side by side.

Repeat for all remaining brim points, adding to the crown pyramid and joining to adjacent points with side tabs as each is added.

10. Position and attach a brim accent panel to each section of hat in at lower edge of attached brim points. NOTE that all punch holes of three layers should line up.

Attach decorative eyelets through each hole, or attach brads. 

Tie decorative bells to brim point tips with twine or string tied into bows.

11. Prepare the tassel circles by folding each on their three perforation lines in triangle formation.

12. Separate the 20 circles into groups: 5 whole circles for top section; 10 whole circles for middle section; 5 partial circles for bottom section.

13. To join the circle units, bring the curved "tabs" of two circles together and attach.

14. Attach 5 units into top section. NOTE that the triangle shape formed by the perforations come together with all points at the top.

15. Attach 10 units into middle row. NOTE that the triangle shapes alternate with points up or points down across the row.

16. Attach 5 partial units into bottom section similarly to the top section in step 13 above.

17. Join the middle row ends.

18. Position the top section (not shown) over the upper opening of the middle section, rotate to line up the circle "tabs", then join the aligning tabs (make sure to adjust for edge alignment accuracy as each is attached.)

19. Position the bottom section (shown here) over the lower opening of middle section in similar manner . . . 

then adjust and join tabs.

20. Fit the tassel ball over the point of the crown to dry fit it. Remove tassel. Apply a line of hot glue where the tassel's opening edges will touch the crown surfaces, and quickly slide the tassel ball back into position and hold until the hot glue cools and ball is secure in place.

21. Construct the box base by folding sides and tabs back.

22. Fold sides up so that straight edge and tab perf lines line up, overlap straight edge over tab, and glue in place. Repeat this process for all six seams.

23. Apply glue to backside of each upper edge tab/flange, then fold back and apply pressure until each is flat and securely in place.

24. Use finger cutouts to slide the hat top over the base. The fit will be snug and you may need to flex the box base to get it into position.

Here is the completed hat.


  1. Hello, Where can I find (purchase) the cutting files for the 3d elf hat?

  2. This is currently available as a single download through Silhouette America (search 3d elf hat) or included in a multi design set through SVG Attic (