Friday, December 12, 2014

Santa's List 3d Book Gift Card Box

Styled for nostalia, this book shaped gift box opens
to reveal an insert that holds two gift cards
(also includes an insert for one card).
Or use this project as decor on a shelf or with other festive groups.
Measures approx. 8" tall x 5" wide x 1.25" deep when closed.

1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A cover (outer)
B cover liners front & back
C assembled accent cover shapes
D outer spine accent bars
E inner spine accent bars
F book box front
G book box back
H latch nibs (2)
I latch layers (2)
J gift card insert

2. Review  the basic book box construction HERE, then return for this project's specific decoration and assembly.

3. Assemble the decorative cover panel with lettering and flourishes.

It may be helpful to prepare a "test" cut from waste card stock of the grouped cover layout to use as a positioning template before ungrouping the shapes in the cut file to cut them from their specific papers.

Use the layout template to center the ensemble, then make small, light guidemarks on the panel base to help with positioning the cut shapes to prior to gluing in place.

4. Prepare the strap latch "nib" by folding each of the two nibs on the perf lines, then glueing the curved ends together.

5. From the backside of the assembled decorative panel, insert the curved nib tab through the slot (will be a tight fit) until the perf folds are seated flush with the panel's backside.

Glue the back tabs in place to the panel's backside.

6. Center and attach the panel onto the cover base shape.

7. (OPTIONAL) Prepare and attach the "found object" key with chain and large jump rings to the cover base top left hole punch.

8. Assemble the main book cover as instructed for the 3D Book Box Gift Card Holder at this POST, following steps 2-8. 

9. Prepare the attach Santa's List cover panels to the front of the book's main cover, by locating and identifying the "liner" markings that will indicate the book's front.

Here, the red accent panel is located behind the book cover where it will be attached. See the positioning triangle cut-outs (arrow). The front cover has the triangles that fall exactly at the inner edge. (The back cover has triangle punches that are surrounded by cover margins.)

10. Position the cover decorative panel (centered) on the book main cover panel, and glue securely in place. If the key and chain are attached at the corner, you will need to work to get the cover to attach as well as possible around the lumpiness of the chain thickness.

Continue the assembly of the book box by positioning and attaching the interior "boxes" as described in the 3D Book Box tutorial, steps 9-11 (and final description cells, too).

11. Prepare the latch strap by folding the top and bottom layers on their perforations. Apply glue to the underneath surface of the top (smaller) layer, then layer, center (straighter back end will align edges) and join. To assist with the adjustment of the layered shape into its bi-folded final contour, bend the strap into the reversed "C" shape while the glue is still drying.

12. Prepare to attach the strap in the proper position by first inserting the cover nib into the strap slot, then while maintaining that positioning . . .

. . . wrap the strap around the closed book, position and glue the back strap tab to the book cover's backside. Hold in place until secure.

NOTE: The latch strap and nib are decorative in nature and will not absolutely hold the book box closed. Use a small sticky dot (or equivalent temp adhesive) placed either under the strap near key hole, or to the right of the nib on the cover to assist the actual closure of the latch.

The cut file for this project includes a gift card platform insert for either one card, or for two as shown in this shot of the book, opened.

Here is the completed book.


  1. I love this! Thanks so much for great instructions.

  2. I have this and now I can assemble. Thanks so much for this great tutorial! :O)

  3. Thank you so much for your help!!!