Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Mrs. Santa's Boot

Here is a fun dimensional Christmas decor project
that celebrates the wonderful woman
"behind" that Great Ol' Elf himself!
Stylish boot measures approx. 
8" tall x 7" front to back x 3" wide,
and can function as a container for candy, gift treats,
gift card holder, centerpiece, and more.
Embellished with ribbon laced front placket,
heel reinforcement accents,
chocolate ball with holly toe bell, swirls, 
half-snowflakes on sides, back and under-toe
(sample uses double-sided adhesive sheets and glitter).

Here, you can see that it can also be embellished
at ankle with feather or fur trim.

Oh what fun you'll have tonight . . .!

(This tutorial is under construction.
Please return soon to view the completed project instructions.)

1. Identify and cut the shapes.
A left and right main shoe body with heel accent and double-stick embellishments
B shoe upper with placket and eyelets
C tongue (both sides will be seen)
D instep (sole)
E back
F heel
G toe tassel choc slice form and holly

2. Follow the construction steps for the witch's boot assembly, steps 2 through 28, substituting the slice-form chocolate ball with holly for the bat as the toe decoration. 

3. Prepare the chocolate ball toe tassel before it is needed in the boot assembly. Fold the slices in half, face sides together (as "valley" folds). Glue halves of the first two circles together, as shown here.

4. Continue to add a third regular circle to the first pair, then add a circle with top tab to the unit for form one half. Repeat for second half.

5. Glue the two halves together. The top tabs will NOT glue together.

6. Fold the top tabs down, one to each side.

7. Add a little bit of downward curl to the center of the holly stem(s), and a little bit of upward curl to the center of each leaf.

Glue the center to the tabs area.

8. Add the three berry circles to the top. This is how the completed chocolate tassel (or Christmas pudding ball) will look.

9. Prepare the wire "spring" as described for the witch's boot project. Insert the top end (trimmed to approx. 1/2" to 3/4" long) at the center connections "tunnel" and glue in place.

10. Insert the bottom wire end through the tiny hole in the toe tip, then twist/corkscrew  to move the bottom curl to the inside of the boot to hold the tassel in place.

On the inside of the boot, add a thick dab of hot glue to capture the wire and corkscrew and secure them in place once it cools.

11. Continue with the boot construction following the LINK

12. Complete the final decor details as desired. For the sample project, double-stick adhesive shapes were layered on top of duplicate shapes cut from gray paper that simulates the silver glitter selected.

Here, the top protective layer is removed from the swirls so that the glitter can be applied.

Here, the glitter is applied to the sticky shape.

Add fur strip or feather trim to the inside edge at the ankle, if desired.

Here are a few more shots of the finished boot.

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