Thursday, May 28, 2015

Bridal Couple Faux Clothes Peg Marquee

Simple bride and groom in the form of a "clothespin" 
embrace as the front panel of this tent-style marquee 
"tube" that stands to hold the two-layer decorative 3x2 card 
(or prepare your own printed cards) in top slot. 
Stands approx. 6" tall. 
Place on wedding breakfast or rehearsal luncheon 
or bridal dinner tables to designate intended occupants. 
Or include with the guests signature book 
with the names of bride and groom. 

1. Identify and cut the shapes.
A marquee stand
B figures base shape (shows through as eye slashes)
C groom shirt shape with tie band and bow
D groom head
E groom jacket with "arm" spring shape
F bride dress
G bride face with cheek circle, necklace beads
H marquee overlay
I marquee rectangle

2. Prepare the stand shape by folding back on all perforation lines.

3. Assembly the bride and groom on the base shape. Add the spring shape as "arm".

Assemble the marquee overlay on the rectangle base (including printed information as desired).

4. Attach the bride and groom decor shape on the stand front, inset slightly from the top and bottom edges and perforations, and matching the neck opening edges exactly.

5. Form the stand into a tube shape to bring the side straight edge to overlap the back edge tab to the tab perforation line, and glue in place.

It may be helpful to insert a rod tool such as a standard schoolhouse pencil behind the seam area to provide a press-against surface.

Insert the marquee tag in the slots at the sides top for display.

Here is the completed marquee project.

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