Sunday, May 17, 2015

Fishing Creel 3d Box Assembly Guide

Giving a gift, goodies or gift card to someone who likes to fish?
Here's the perfect gift box that looks like a traditional wicker creel.
Build the two part box base, attach simulated wicker overlays,
corner reinforcements, front panel and latch, back handle,
build and attach the lid with latch strap.
Eyelet fasteners add realistic accents.
Create the trout danglers from separate cut file
and attach with lanyard clips through "lip" punch holes.
Measures approx. 5.75" tall x 3.5" deep x 6.5" wide.  

1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A front basket with bottom, overlays
B back basket with overlays
C lid main shape with accent edge
D lid rim front and sides
E rim front reinforcement (underlay)
F back handle and reinforcement
G front lower corner reinforcement accents
H center front accent panel
I latch main with side build-up shapes
J latch strap with accent tip

2. Prepare the main basket (front) shape by folding back panels and tabs on all perforations.

3. Position and attach front and side front accent overlays on each of the panel sections.

4. Prepare the back basket shape by folding back on all panel and tab perforation lines. Take care that punch holes line up exactly.

5. Position and attach back accent overlay on back panel, and side back overlays on corresponding panels.

6. Join front basket assembly to back basket assembly by overlapping straight front side edge over back side long tab.

7. Fold back (to basket inside) and glue in place the upper basket opening tabs, except  leave the tab at the top of the unattached front side edge flat, to be folded down later.

8. Prepare latch by gluing 3 or 4 side latch dimension shapes into a stack for left side and a stack for right side.

Attach each stack to underside on ends of main latch shape.

9. Apply glue to the stack surfaces -- excluding a small margin at the outer edges that will NOT touch the accent panel -- then position and attach latch on the front of the center accent panel.

Attach eyelets/grommets through the pair of punch holes at this point of assembly.

10. Position and attach the center accent panel assembly on the front of the main basket assembly, taking care to match upper and lower edges with corresponding edge or perforation line.

Tiny hash marks on the front accent shape will assist with the centering of the panel.

11. Prepare lid main shape by folding back tab, pushing in tabs in opening.

12. Prepare the lid rim shape by folding panels and tabs back.

13. Center and attach the front edge of the lid to the front top tab of the rim shape.

14. Bend the rim shape into place to align the lid straight edges at the corresponding rim perforation lines, one at a time, until each tab and edge is attached, along both ends of rim shape.

15. Glue the hole tabs to the underside of rim.

16. Fold the rim tabs to the backside of rim and glue each in place, including the small end tabs.

17. Apply glue, position and attach the front rim reinforcement shape behind the front panel of the rim.

18. Apply glue to the underside of the accent lid shape, then position with outer edges even and attach to the lid assembly.

19. Position and attach the lid flange tab at the upper edge of the back panel of main basket assembly, taking care to align punch holes.

20. Prepare the handle by gluing two handle shapes with backsides together.

21. Attach eyelets/grommets in all back panel punch holes (lid flange and handle).

22. Form the basket assembly into a tube to bring the final side seam edge and tab perforation together, adjust and attach.

23. Fold the final top opening tab to the inside and glue in place.

24. Fold basket bottom panel tabs inward and push bottom into place in the bottom opening of basket "tube". 

Glue the tabs to the inside of the basket panels, keeping perforation edge of bottom even with bottom straight edges of basket body.

It will be helpful, as the tabs are being attached, to apply pressure from the inside of the basket.

25. Position and attach the latch strap onto the front rim panel of the lid, top straight edge of strap even with top of rim panel. 

Small dash marks will assist with centering alignment. It may also help to close the lid and insert the latch strap under the latch to make sure they will align once attached.

Here is the completed creel box.

Here is another finished view from the front . . .
. . . and from the back . . .
. . . and finally, with the fish trout hanger shapes
hanging from the basket handle 
(punch or poke a hole by hand, if desired).

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