Friday, May 22, 2015

Trout Jumping Gift Card Box Assembly

Give a customized box
to your favorite fishing enthusiast.
Lid box with detailed trout jumping decoration 
opens to reveal a gift card. 
Or use without the insert to hold treats or other small gift. 
Measures approx. 5" x 5" x 1.5".

1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A box base
B box lid with accent top and side shapes
C insert for gift card with tabs
D trout shapes
E gills shape (on square for contrast)

2. Prepare the box base by folding inward on all perforation lines.

3. Bend into box tray shape so that the straight side edges align with the adjacent tab perforation, and glue in place. Repeat for all four corners.

4. Fold rim tabs into box interior and glue each in place.

5. Repeat the preparation folding for the lid in similar fashion as for the base, in step 2.

6. Bend sides to form lid into tray shape, align and glue each of four corner seam as for base, in step 3.

7. Fold rim tabs into lid interior and glue each in place.

Turn the lid over, face up, and attach the top and sides accent shapes.

8. Build the jumping trout "applique" shape by layering and gluing layers in place, as follows:

a. start with the "under body" silhouette shape.

b. layer on  the "light salmon pink" shape that will show through as the body bottom "stripe", and the similar colored tail shape which will show as the farthest in back body stripe.

c. layer on the darker pink or light violet (rust in this sample) shape that will show through as the middle "stripe", and the next tail shape (NOTE that the "show thru" portions of the back body striping will get narrower in sequence).

d. layer on the top body piece and the corresponding tail shape.

e. add the contrast green tail shape (includes a narrow kind of "finger" that extends over the previous darker green shape and the dorsal fin, right side "arm" fin, the lower fin near the tail on outside of body.

f. layer on the final shapes, including the pair of ventral (under-tummy) fins, the outer white and inner black eye shapes, the very fine narrow gill shape

9. Position the trout applique (assembled unit) over the lid accent shape, center and adjust positioning, then glue in place.

10. Prepare the gift card insert by folding th side panels back to 90 degree angles.

Insert gift card, then place insert into box base.

Place the lid on top, and its completed.

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