Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Castle Guard A7 Gift Card

Layered side towers flank center tower that 
has crenelated ramparts, entry arch. 
Separate lower flap door has five wood plank shapes.
Under the gate,  half circle tabs can hold a gift card in place. 
Arch is layered with under shapes that allow 
side and top nib tabs to slip into place as closure. 
 Measures approx. 5x7. 

1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A card base   B castle base (middle tower show-thru)
C side tower assembly (2 sets)
D flag unit (2 sets)
E middle tower top battlements
F front arch (1)  G arch build up with nib shaping (2)
H drawbridge base    I gate planks
J backside message space
2. Assemble the left and right side towers
with base (shows thru window), lower tower,
upper tower with window, flag/cone shape,
cone and cone shadow.
3. Position and attach battlement base
and crenelation accent shapes to top of
main tower base.
(NOTE that final design castle base
includes nib shaping not shown here.)
4. Position and attach side towers
to main tower base.
5. Layer the arch shapes, with nib "cutout" arches
on the bottom, front straight-edge shape on top.
Take particular care that all edges line up
as precisely as possible to help the gate
close and 'latch'.
6. Position the arch assembly layers
onto the castle tower base assembly . . .
 . . . taking care to line up the interior matched
edges as precisely as possible.
7. Position and attach the tower/arch assembly
onto the main care base, centering and 
aligning lower and side edges precisely.
8. Prepare the drawbridge base by bending
the bottom tab back as shown.

9. With the tab bent completely under,
position the shape between the bottom arch 'legs'
with the perforation fold even with the bottom
edge of the main base, and glue in place.
10. Test the closure, if desired, by flexing/arching
the drawbridge shape to ruck the top and side nibs
under the arch into their 'pockets'.
11. Lay out the gate planks for spacing preview,
then position and glue in place.
NOTE that the planks should have a slight
inset within the arch, but will touch each other
along plank sides.
12. If desired, on the card base backside,
position and attach the message rectangle
to cover the gift card tab cutouts.
Insert the gift card under the drawbridge
between the three tabs and the bottom fold.

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