Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Guard Tower A6 Card

Enchanted invitation for a knight or princess party, 
or birthday greeting has front gate flap 
that flips upward to reveal the message panel. 
Front bottom tab strip wraps to back at bottom 
to slide into a back bracket. 
Measures approx. 4.63" wide x 6.25". 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A main card base    B tower base
C tower front   D crenelation accent shapes
E gate base with panks
F gate and built up (2)
G banner shapes   H back tab bracket
2. Assemble components:
top - layer crenelation base with dentelle top
lower left - layer arch build up
lower right - layer banner shapes
3. Center and attach the tower base onto the
card base.
4. Prepare the tower front by bending forward
at the upper perforation line, and back
at the lower tab perforation line.
Position and attach only the upper portion
 to the matching tower base upper portion.
5. Position and attach the gate base
shape, centering it between the two
cut marks at the lower front tower bottom edge
as indicated here. 
Tower and gate bottom edges should match.
6. Position and attach the banner shape,
either above the gate, as is previewed here . . .
. . . or across the gate as shown here.
This image also shows how the front tower
hinges to open and reveal the message space.
7. Prepare the tab latch bracket by bending
the sides both back where the edges
will meet at center back.
8. Apply glue to the middle shape
along a narrow margin at upper
shaped edge only, as shown,
then 're-close' the back sides to glue in place.
9. Apply glue to the entire back (two halves) . . .
. . . then position at the center back of card base,
with bottom straight edges even with base
bottom edges.
To latch the card in closed position,
bend the bottom tab to the back and tuck
up into the interior space of the bracket as shown.

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