Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Rocket 3D Model Box Assembly

Measures 7.5" tall x 2.25 " wide 
(3.75" wide at upper mid) x 1.75" deep (base). 
Composed of nose cone upper section that functions as lid, 
and two-part lower base section, 
with substantial interior capacity to fill with written note, 
cash or gift card, or loose candy. 
A bounty of pick-n-choose embellishments 
make it even more fantastic. 
Can be further embellished by attaching 
the "outta this world" arched banner (separate cut design). 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A nose cone/upper sections (2)
B nose cone checker & base accents (6 ea.)
C upper section accent panels (6)
D main upper sections (2)
E main section
F main section with attached hex bottom
G main section panels with contr underlay (2 ea)
H main sect rivet bands with contr underlays (5 ea)
I main section hex cover
J leg sections (3)   K leg accent overlays (3 ea l & r)
L leg accent star layers (6 ea)
M base sections, one with attached hex lid & bottom
N base bottom cover
O base grille accents (6)
2. Prepare the nose cone shapes by bending back
on tab perforations, vertical & horizontal perforations.
Join the two sections by overlapping the lower
panel straight side edge over the corresponding
side tab.
3. Prepare the main sections by bending back
on tab and vertical perforations.
Join the two section pairs by overlapping the
lower section straight edge at the corresponding
tab to perf line.
4. Prepare the base section by bending back
on tab perforations, vertical perforations.
Join the "half ring" sections by overlapping the
straight side edge at the corresponding side tab.
5. Prepare the nose cone checker accent units
by centering and attaching one checker (white)
shape on top of one checker base (red) shape.
Prepare 6 units.
7. Position and attach checker accent units
in the nose cone triangle space of the upper
sections, with slight offset at side and bottom edges.
(NOTE: if you wish to have contrast rivets
show through hole punches, layer and attach
the panels with contrast underlays.)
8. Form the nose cone shape by overlapping
the angled straight edge of each panel over the
adjacent tab to tab perforation, and attaching
in place. Take special care for accuracy and
to ensure that attachment is achieved
completely along the seam.
9. Complete the final side seam and upper seam
by overlapping straight edges over corresponding
tab perforation lines, and attaching in place.
10. Fold the rim tabs back and glue to the
inside of the lid shape.
11. Prepare decorative features
to the main rocket body sections:
flag emblem - layer star circle shape over
the base shape and glue together
rivet bands - glue punch band over contr base
side panels - layer with contr base.
12. Position and attach emblem onto
front panel of main section. Position and
attach bands at upper edge of all panels
except the front panel.
Position and attach side panels on alternate
main section panels.
13. Form the main section into a tube to bring
the straight side edge to overlap the opposite tab
perforation line, and glue in place.
14. Fold the base hex tabs upward/inward,
apply glue to the inside surfaces of wall near edges,
then bend the bottom hex into place,
tucking the tabs inside.
(NOTE this is a snug fit, for all lids
and bases, especially if using heavier
cardstock paper.)
Adjust so that tab perf lines align at
wall lower edges, as needed for accuracy.
15. Prepare leg sections by bending back at
center perf line, bending forward at side
"bracket" panel perforations.
16. Attach leg tip left & right accents,
and left & right upper accents as shown.
16. Fold the section in half, and glue the backsides
of halves together, leaving bracket halves
17. Position one leg on each of the three
"empty" panels of main assembly,
with bottom straight edges of bracket even
with base edge, and glue in place.
18. Position and attach one grille shape on each
trapezoid panel, with even margins around each
19. Fold top hex edge tabs inward,
fold top into position with tabs tucked
inside, and glue in place, as for the main shape's
base hex bottom.
20. Repeat the process to fold base tabs
inward, position bottom hex base,
and glue in place.
21. Apply adhesive to the top of the base assembly
(may wish to use quick-grab adhesive)
then position the bottom of the main section
together with the top of the base, adjust
so that the hexagon edges align accurately,
and hold in place until secure.
If needed, you may be able to reach in
through the top of the main assembly to
apply finger tip pressure to join
the two surfaces.
22. Position and attach the base bottom hexagon.
23. Position and attach the inner main assembly
hexagon shape inside the main section container.
24. Form the upper section of the main rocket
into a tube, overlapping the straight side edge
at the opposite side tab perf line, and glue in place.
25. Bend bottom tabs inward slightly.
Apply adhesive to tabs (or, alternately
to the inside of the main section's upper edge)
then position upper ring so that bottom tabs
slide behind the main section's upper edge.
Attach in place, reaching fingers inside assembly
and outside to apply pressure for secure joints.
26. To position the cone "lid" in place,
slide over the upper portion of the main
Here is the final project.
If desired, prepare the comet
"outta this world!" arch
and attach to the front panel
of the cone assembly.


  1. Hello, I have emailed and comment on needing help with the mason jar file. It is putting all of the "dotted" small cut lines separate from the items when it cuts in Design Space for Cricut. They cut below and above the items not on them. I am trying to make these to use in my wedding. thanks

    1. Michelle, I replied to your email. I need to know which download site you purchased the design file from. Then we can determine where you can turn for help. If it was Silhouette America, you need to try to re-download the design, or contact them for assistance. If from one of our sites, we can direct your inquiry to our technical team. Or, I can try to send you the svg directly. Please look for my email in your trash or spam file and reply there. I will resend it tonight.

    2. email me with this question: hearthsewnpatterns(at symbol)yahoo(dot)com

  2. I must have missed the email somewhere but I emailed you now with a pic included. Thank you so much! I really want these for my wedding to hand from the ceiling with a light in them!! I have a blog and will even link people here :)

  3. where can I get template for download?