Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Rocket Slice Form Placecard

Planning a space-themed party?
Here's a fun and (relatively) quick table accent
to hold a place card for every astronaut at the feast!
Six center-folded shapes are joined back-to-back, 
leg overlays added to prepare this dimensional rocket.
 Measures approx. 5.5" tall x 2" wide.
Or, create a dimensional decoration by 
substituting out the card-holding slices.

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A: rocket body slices 1-6
(NOTE that 1 & 6 include the cutout
that will accept the name card rectangle;
if you want to build a plain rocket,
cut one each of 3 & 4 in place of 1 & 6)
B leg overlays left and right
C name card base  D name card
2. Prepare all body slices by bending forward
at the vertical center perforation lines.
3. Position and attach appropriate left or right
leg overlays to each slice, matching edges
that correspond.
4. Pair up the body slices as shown . . .
. . .and adjust, attach securely the halves of slice 2 
and slice 1 that come together as they are laid out.
5. Position slice 6 with corresponding
cutout edge aligned with remaining exposed
half of slice 1, adjust, and attach securely.
6. Continue to add the remaining slices
in order (5, 4, 3) in the same manner
to the assembly.
After the first half of slice 3 is attached
to slice 4, position and attach the
remaining half of 3 to the exposed half
of slice 2 to complete the circuit.
7. Layer the place card shapes
and attach.
8. To position the place card,
slide the center slot cuts over the
front leg fin, then tip in the
upper edge of card and slide
the top of the cutout over the card slot.
Here is the completed
rocket place card.


  1. Where do we get the template for the space themed pieces?

    1. These designs are available as "cut files" that can be purchased and downloaded, then used with digital die cutter software and machines such as the Silhouette Cameo or Cricut's Design Space. They are available to purchase from Silhouette America's online store, or from our two on-line outlets: SVG Attic (as sets) or SnapDragonSnippet.com as individual designs. Hope that helps.