Sunday, August 28, 2016

Pumpkin Trapezoid Gift Box

Junior Jack O'Lantern has stem on top 
with vine swirl and left, vine and layered leaf on right,
 all with tabs that fit into matched slots for "hidden" construction.  
Mouth and eye openings in first under-lay provide 
a thickened "cut out" feel to face, 
with eye pupils attached to front layer, 
and tiny tooth attached to back under-lay 
which acts as show-thru interior shadow or "candle light". 
Top flap wraps toward back for slot & tab closure. 
Measures approx. 6" wide x 5" tall x 3.5" deep. 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A main box front/side   B box back/side
C face underlay for build up effect
D face opening contrast liner
(NOTE D is divided to give show-thru
options for mouth and eyes; C allows
D shapes to match up when attaching.)
E contrast eye pupils, tooth accents
F front & back RIGHT side vines
G front & back LEFT side vines
H front stem with bottom shaped tab, back stem
I front leaf and accent overlay   J back leaf
2. Prepare the box shapes by bending back
on all perforation lines for panels and tabs.
Position and attach the face openings build up
layers behind the face.
3. Position and attach the contrast "show thru"
liner shapes behind the build up shapes.
4. Position the pupil accents over the pupils
of the main shape. Position the tooth inside
the mouth opening and attach to the contrast liner.
5. Position the side tab under the straight side
edge of the box front and attach to
join the box main shapes.
6. Prepare the right vine shapes by 
bending the end tabs forward.
Layer back to back and join into one unit,
leaving tabs unattached.
7. Prepare the leaf shapes in similar manner.
Position and attach back to back, leaving
tabs unattached.
8. Prepare the BACK vine/stem and the front stem
by bending the bottom tabs forward for each.
Position back to back, and attach the stem upper
portion to the matching portion of the back stem.
Bottom tabs should remain unattached.
9. Position the front stem over the exposed
portion of the back stem, back to back, and
10. Position the back stem accent over the
top of the back stem/vine unit, and attach.
12. Bend tabs together (flat) and insert
stems into corresponding slots on right body side
panel. On the inside, bend tabs outward . . .
. . . and glue to backside of side panel.
NOTE you may wish to place the box panel
flat on a flat surface to apply pressure
in the area of the tabs underneath.
13. Insert leaf tabs through slots on left side box panel,
bend tabs outward on the inside, and glue in place.
14. Form the box into a tube to bring together
remaining side edge to overlap corresponding
tab to perforation line. Glue edge to tab.
15. At box bottom, fold the FRONT tab only to
the inside of the box and glue in place.
(This acts to reinforce front lower edge;
tab can also be trimmed off, if preferred.)
16. Bend bottom side tabs toward center,
bend bottom panel into position, tucking
the curved tab into the box.
Glue all bottom tabs together in these positions
to secure box shape.
17. At box top panel "lid", insert the (green) back stem tab
into the slot, bend tab toward box back on the
underside of lid, and glue in place.
On the outside of lid, apply adhesive to the
underside of the front stem shaped bottom "tab"
and attach to the lid.
18. To close the box, bend the lid into position
(left vine will move into position to cross the
leaf in front or behind as you choose)
and insert the long closure tab through
the top slot . . .
. . . and then through the bottom slot.
It may be helpful to use a blade tool such as this
spatula to help guide the tab back up through
the lower slot.
Here is the completed pumpkin trapezoid box.

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