Sunday, August 7, 2016

Sunflowers Bucket Tall Flower Assembly Guide

Tall card can fold "flat" to fit into 
a standard no. 10 envelope, 
then transforms into an easel (self-standing) card 
when bucket bottom edge fits against the semi-circle "stop" tab. 
Build three flowers on stem-colored bases. 
Bucket silhouette fits behind the rim attached to card base. 
Accent shapes adorn inner base, pot main and rim. 
Flower centers have button hole punches 
to tie with decorative twine. 
Two part front tag with apple and leaf 
can attach with mini brad. 
Measures approx. 3.875" wide x 9.125" when flat.

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A main card base     B "inner" card base accent (tab)
D bucket base (show thru for bucket staves shape)
E bucket middle "staves" layer
F top rim strip   G top pointed rim strip
H bottom rim strip     I pointed rim strip
J hang tag base, accent, apple with leaf
K top rim base shape (stems glued to this)
L base and top petals shapes
M button base and top shapes
N med (left) stem
O short (ctr) stem
P tall (right) stem
Q reinforcement shapes for N-P
2. Prepare the main base shape by bending back
 on both cross perforation lines.
(NOTE this results in the cardstock backside
being on the inside of the card.)
3. Prepare the inner accent shape by bending
the "stop" tab up slightly.
4. Position and attach the accent shape on the lower
section backside of the card base,
centering the accent shape,
taking care that the tab remains unattached.
5. Position and attach the "see thru" bucket base
with the "staves" bucket shape on top.
6. Position the bottom rim strip over the
staves/base shapes from step 5
and attach in place,
then position the pointed rim strip on top
of the bottom rim strip, centered top to bottom,
but with the left edges lined up, and attach.
Also layer the upper pointed strip onto the
upper rim strip in similar manner
(this will be attached later, in step 17).
7. Prepare the front hang tag by layering
the two squares (take care to align the punch holes).
Attach the leaf to the apple base shape, then
position the apple centered on the square tags.
8. Position and attach the hang tag on top of the
bucket assembly, and insert mini brad accent.
9. Position and attach the three reinforcement stem shapes
behind the main stem shapes, lining up
edges that correspond as precisely as possible.
NOTE: if desired, cut and attach a second
reinforcement shape behind each flower base.
10. Position and attach the upper flower shape
over the lower flower shape, lining up the
triangle symbol cutouts (this should center
the petal rings, and make the individual petals
of the top shape offset between lower petals).
Prepare three flower units.
11. Position and attach each flower unit to one of
the stem assembly units, with bottom petal unit
lining up with stem unit petals precisely.
12. Prepare each button center by attaching
smaller inner circle over larger base circle,
with punch holes lines up.
Thread twine or perle cotton through holes
and tie a neat bow and trim tails.
13. Position and attach each button center unit
in the middle of each flower.
14. Identify the hash mark guides on the
top rim base shape, then . . .
. . . position and attach right, left and center
(in that order) flower stem on top of the
strip, bottom edges lined up as shown,
with stem strip between hash guide marks.
Also attach the flowers and leaves where they overlap
to provide more stability and vertical strength.
15. Position the bucket assembly under
the top flap of the card base, with the top edge
of bucket tucked snugly into bend.
16. Position the base strip on top of the top flap
with flap and rim base strip edges lined up
as precisely as possible.
17. Position and attach upper rim
and accent strip unit over the
base rim strip, covering stems.
18. To prepare the card for sending,
flatten the card with the middle base
section behind the flowers,
and accent section folded under,
as shown here, and . . .
. . . here.
To prepare the card for display,
bend the center and accent sections
of the card base back as shown,
with tab flipped up to catch the
base of the bucket in easel fashion.
Here is the completed card
propped up for display.

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  1. This is such a wonderful card, Jodi! I absolutely love it!