Friday, April 28, 2017

One In A Melon Mini Album

Watermelon half-slice shaped mini album 
has top edge punch holes that accept 
a 6mm plastic coil. Front decoration includes 
offset base layer (with holes), darker rind layer, 
inner rind layer, flesh layer that includes seed cutouts, 
and underlay layer that shows thru as seeds. 
Measures approx. 5.75"x4" (not counting coil width). 
Includes the 'one in a melon' separate or 
layered word cuts to add to the middle space. 
Personalize it with the miniature MOM tag
 positioned to be included in the coil threading 
(or use another personalized name). 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A album front base    B album back base
C album pages
D melon rind (dk green)
E melon inner rind (med green)
F seeds "show thru" (black)
G melon flesh (red)
H word cuts and letters
2. Position the "seeds show thru" shape behind
the melon flesh shape, top straight edges
aligned, curved edge of black offset (hidden)
4. Layer the two rind shapes with the flesh unit,
top edges aligned, and attach all.
5. Position the melon layered unit onto the front
of the album base, curved edges offset evenly
and a good margin between the punch holes
and the melon top straight edge
(check the next image to see final alignment).
6. Layer the "M E L O N" letters onto the word
base shape, then position and attach
to the melon front, positioning as shown.
7. Position, adjust, then attach
the "one in a" word cuts above the MELON word"
8. Prepare the optional MOM tag by
positioning the Ms first onto the tag,
using the corner guide cuts as shown here.
9. Position the tag on the album front cover
with the tag hole aligned with one of the
spiral binding punch holes near the end.
Glue -tack minimally in place just around 
tag hole to secure positioning.
10. Layer the back cover, pages, and front covers
to make sure all the binding holes align.
11. Begin at one end to insert the 6mm vinyl
spiral coil end from back to front, rotating
the coil so that the lead end twists through
the hole, then over the top album edge, then . . . 
. . . around the back and through the next hole,
guiding it through holes as needed, until . . . 
. . . the coil is completely in place.
12. Trim excess coil, leaving approx. half a twist
beyond each end. Whittle vinyl ends and attach
a large bead in place to keep coil from twisting off.
Here is the finished album.

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