Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Sunflower Sunny Day Card Assembly

Shaped front panel holds a stylized, 
layered sunflower with a circle window. 
On the card's inside a circle panel holds 
the word cuts sentiment "have a sunny day" 
with accompanying tiny heart. 
Four-piece honeybee, layered leaf and stem 
complete the front design. 
Build-up rings give the petal layers dimension. 
Measures approx. 5x7 when left-side folded. 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A main card base   
B petals assembly contrast base
C bottom petals ring   D bottom rings build up (3)
E top petals ring   F top rings build up (3)
G flower center ring
H window "show thru" circle (attaches inside card)
I leaf/stem unit base    J leaf base
K leaf and stem contrast accents
L bee shapes: body, eyes, stripes, wings
M word cuts & positioning guide for
"have a happy" and "day"
NOT SHOWN: mini heart accent (see Step 17.)
2. Position and attach the interior window "liner"
circle on the inside back of the main card shape,
where dashed circle lines indicate.
3. Position and attach the word cuts on top
of the positioning guide shape.
NOTE: the guide shape should match
the circle liner shape shown in step 2.
The sample here was NOT cut correctly.
Explanation will be provided for both versions.
4. Assemble the bee by layering stripes over
body, attaching eyes on head, 
attaching wings
5. To position the word arch, first close
the card so that the window opening can
provide guidance.
6. If the positioning guide was cut to match
the show-thru circle, no further trimming
is needed.
If exposed guide "connections" show,
use scissors immediately after attaching
while glue is still fresh to trim away what shows.
7. Position and attach 'day' word cut near
bottom of window circle
(be sure to leave space for the heart accent
in the middle).
8. Position and attach the stem onto the main
leaf/stem base shape as shown,
and the leaf accent on the leaf base.
9. Position and attach the leaf over the leaf base.
Then position the unit over the matching
shape on the lower card front.
10. Prepare the two ring build up units for 
the two petal layers by layering 3 rings, one by one, 
taking care that inside circle edges match precisely.
11. Position one ring behind the bottom petals
ring, matching inside circle edges precisely,
and attach in place.
12. Repeat to attach second ring behind 
the top petals ring.
13. Apply adhesive to ring only on the backside
of the lower layer petals ring, then . . . 
. . . position and attach to the contrast base shape,
taking care to align window circle edges precisely.
14. Repeat the positioning and attaching
of the top petal ring assembly.
15. Position and attach the rim ring.
16. Position and attach the petals rings assembly
over the front of the card, matching circle window
openings and outer edges where they
can ling up.
17. Position and attach the bee unit . .  .
. . . and attach the mini heart
at the center of the words panel.

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