Thursday, April 6, 2017

Candy Chocolate Egg Mini Tote

Give some special style to that chocolate candy egg 
(1.2 oz. - De Mets Turtle Egg or Cadbury) 
in the Easter Basket: set it off in its own simple 
tent-style tote with window through which it peeks. 
Attached tray with raised side rims holds a tuft of 
"grass" shreds with recessed tray to keep the egg in place. 
Scallop oval accent frames front window opening. 
Tie ribbon loop through top hole slot. 
Measures approx. 3.5" tall x 2" wide x 1.5" deep. 
(Cut 2 from one 8.5" x 11" card stock sheet.) 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Cut the two shapes:
main tote
oval scalloped window fame
2. Prepare the main body shape by bending back
 on all the perforation lines except  
the two lines next to the circle cutout on
the tray extension portion, and the first line
in from the ribbon slot, which should be
bent forward
3. To create the tray end ridges, apply adhesive
to the backside in each of the narrow panels 
next to the tray extension circle panel.
Bend the glued panel so that it touches the adjacent
(outer side) panel, and apply pressure until
they are joined securely.
Here you can see where the side ridges are
formed on the ends of the attached tray.
4. Bend the tray portion back so that it is
positioned over the bottom section of the tote.
Bend the end tabs under the inner side panels . . .
. . . and tuck the end tab under and glue
in place to the backside of the main box shape.
5. Add faux grass shreds to the bottom of the
tray if desired (not shown).
Place the chocolate egg into position inside
the tote, bend the front and back into position . . .
. . . and add a ribbon loop of 7-8" length
through the ribbon slots, then thread ends
through the loop end and tighten.
It may be helpful to apply adhesive - wet
as shown, or dry - to the backside surfaces
below ribbon slot and above perforations
to better enclose the egg securely.
Here is the completed tote with egg.

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