Monday, August 7, 2017

Apple Tree Double Cascade Card

Oversize greeting card can delivery wishes 
for a "bountiful life", congratulations or 
invitation to an event. 
Back panel holds apple tree with 17 leaf shapes 
and 5 apple, with trunk. At each side, double-fold panels 
accordion forward to provide a self-stand for card. 
Two-part arch banner holds "Fruitful Gatherings" sentiment 
to place at lower portion of tree or across front panels. 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A back card    B back accent
C truck strip   
D leaves (17 divided from 3 colors)
& apples (6)
E & F right and left side panels with accents
G banner base, accent, word cuts
H leaf placement guide
I waste cut from word cut to use as guide
Not shown: backside circle seal 
(for securing twine - see step 12)
2. Prepare the card back by positioning
and attaching the accent shape on the face
side of base shape with offset margins as shown.
Prepare the banner by layering the accent shape
with offset margin all around.
3. Locate the trunk positioning marks on the base
shape just above the accent edge, and also
at bottom of base card/accent shape.
Position and attach the trunk shape with straight-cut
end even with card base edge.
4. Position the leaf guide over the card assembly,
hold in place with a piece of temp tape,
then position and attach the leaves in the "windows"
using your own placement choices, or .  . 

. . . use the coloration guide provided in the cut file,
as reproduced here.

5. Carefully peel the guide away.
6. Prepare the left and right side panels by
bending the back edge tabs back,
also bending the other perforation lines
in accordion fashion, alternating folding direction
back to front.
7. Position the accent shapes over the first
and third panels on the inside of the side panels
(top shape - showing right panel)
and over the middle panel on the outside
(bottom shape - showing left panel).
This is how the left and right panels should appear
with their accent shapes in place when folded.
8. Position and attach the side panels to the main
card assembly, wrapping the side tabs around
the card back edge.
9. Center the "waste" cutting guide over
the layered banner shape, adjust to best
position, then lightly mark a few places
that will assist with placement of word cuts.
10. Position and attach the word cuts 
following marks.
11. (Optional) Place foam adhesive squares
along the backside of the banner assembly,
then . . . 
. . . position and attach over the card front
on lower panels as shown.
12. To keep the card in "closed" position,
use three of so 18-20" lengths of baker's
twine tied around the card just
above the level of the banner top,
Secure these in place on the card
backside using the circle "seal" shape.
Here is the completed card.
Use the companion envelope design
with coordinated apple seal
to deliver or send this oversize card.

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