Sunday, August 6, 2017

Apples Rosettes 3D Wreath

Raised octagon wreath base provides platform 
for large and small sets of 8 pleated rosettes
each with contrast center circles. 
Placement guides assist to first place smaller rosettes, 
then layer larger to bridge "gaps". 
Small apple shapes embellishes larger rosettes. 
Make it a wreath by attaching hanging "hook" shape
To use as ring centerpiece, center a large pillar candle 
(up to 6" diameter base). 
Base measures approx. 11.7" x 11.7". 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A wreath base    B wreath platform wedges (8)
C platform support struts (8)
D hanger (1 or 2)
Shapes for Rosettes (cut & prepare 8 sets each
for large and for small sizes)
For LARGE: E rosette pleat strips (2)
F cover circles (2)
G medallion scallop base
H medallion circle   I apple accent
For SMALL: J rosette pleat strips (2; shown joined)
K cover circles (2)
L medallion saw tooth base
M medallion circle
2. To build the dimensional wreath base,
go to this LINK (where the same base
is built for a different wreath design), and follow
steps 2-12, 22. Then return for further steps here.
3. Prepare the rosette pleating strips by bending
on perforations in accordion style 
(alternating fold direction), beginning with 
forward fold at tab end.
4. Overlap the straight end of one strip over
the tab end to perforation line on the opposite end,
and attach in place to join strips.
5. Form the strip into a ring (face side outward)
and repeat the end-to-end joining.
6. Form the pleating strip into its medallion shape
by placing ring points or scallops end downward
onto work surface, then gently and gradually
gathering the pleats inward . . . 
. . . until the pleats touch as shown, then . . . 
. . . pressing down to flattened position,
while continuing to apply pressure inward
toward the tiny circular space at center.
7. While holding the pleating in position,
use hot-melt glue to secure one of the circle covers
over the opening . . . 
. . . immediately pushing pleating
inward all around as glue cools and sets
to make sure pleats are even all around.
8. Turn the medallion face side down, press flat,
then position and attach the second cover circle
over the center opening in same manner.
9. The large medallion is completed by
positioning and attaching the layered decorations:
scallop circle, plain circle, apple shape.
HOWEVER, it may be helpful to wait
for final placement decisions until
medallions are all attached to the wreath base
(step 13) to see about paper pattern 
selection proximity, and north/south orientation 
of apples, etc.
Small medallion is completed with sawtooth
and plain circle accents.
10. Locate the positioning marks for small medallions
in the wreath platform shapes 
(at the miter line, slightly above center - 
may be hidden by the overlapping edge).
11. Position and attach (hot glue or other quick grab)
small medallions with centers over the guide marks.
12. Locate the large medallion position marks
at center of wreath platforms . . . 
. . . apply hot melt glue to the edges of the small
medallions that will be overlapped by large
medallion edges (indicated by pointing fingers)
and attach large medallions (shown here 
without accent circles or apples)
in place with centers over the guide marks.
13. Select combinations and positions of accent 
circles and apples, and attach in place.
NOTE: the sample wreath has apples oriented
north and south, but they may also be oriented
with stem tops all outward also.
14. If the project is a hanging wreath, position
and securely attach hanger to the top backside.
15. Attach ribbon bow at hanger and other
embellishments as desired to complete wreath.

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