Thursday, July 27, 2017

Merry Christmas Large Tag Card Assembly

Oversized 9 inch tag will serve as a card 
for a Christmas package or greeting. 
Card front has some lettering elements cut through 
to show contrast "liner", with liner-matched overlays 
that complete letters. 
Together they spell out "Merry Christmas" greeting. 
Small three-petal layered poinsettia flower with 
bottom layer green brachs can adorn the front 
(optional no punch tag shapes also included 
if you wish to leave the flower off). 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A card front with letter "tails" and 
other design shapes cut through
B contrast punch hole reinforcement
C contrast card base (1 or 2 shapes)
D add-on letter sections for "Merry"
E add-on letter sections for "Christmas"
F flower shapes: leaf base, 3 petal shapes
2. Layer the tag bases and attach together.
SUGGESTION: use a flat weight to help flatten
these shapes while drying to prevent warping
or curling, especially when using liquid adhesive,
here and throughout.
3. Place card front over base, with approx. .125"
offset all around, taking care to line up the punch hole
and flower brad hole openings.
4. Position and attach the "Merry" and "Christmas"
 letter sections next to the cut-out portion of that letter.
Here, the 'M' front leg is positioned and attached
to the left of the 'M' form, with top edges of "window"
and cut-out being positioned tucked together
so the edges line up.
5. Prepare the poinsettia flower accent by
layering the petal shapes, largest on the bottom
to smallest on the top, lining up
the punch holes of each.
Apply a dab of glue at center only as 
each layer is added.
Position the leaf shape underneath.
6. Position and attach the reinforcement ring
at the tag's punch hole.
7. Position the poinsettia flower over the punch hole
and attach with a dab of glue and 
a decorative mini brad.
8. Add ribbons through punch hole,
and the large tag card is ready to display
or to add to a special gift package.

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