Thursday, July 27, 2017

HoHoHo Layered Card Assembly Guide

A central medallion with built-up layered filigree swirl overlay 
give this jolly holiday card dimension and elegance. 
Tiny Santa sleigh accent adds a touch of magic. 
Apply studs or jewels as desired. 
Card back has perforation near top to allow 
it to bend away to reveal message space. 
Measures approx. 5x7 when closed. 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A card base front   B card front accent panel
C card base back (with perforated top portion)
D medallion base (note this was changed in final sample)
E contrast medallion base for oval window show-thru
F medallion frame (2)
G medallion contrast for show-thru of side dot detail
H medallion front   I window oval trim
J swirl base   K swirl base contrast for show-thru
L swirl base front
M hohoho build-up base
N hohoho build-up individual shapes
O mini Santa with sleigh, reinforcement shape
2. Prepare the card base back by bending the upper
portion forward to form "hinge".
3. Position the hinge portion of card back
over the backside of card front, align edges
that match up, and glue the hinge portion
(above the perforation line) in place.
4. Position and attach the front card accent panel
with sides and lower edge offset at approx. .125".
5. Layer the medallion by positioning and attaching
the contrast shape over the build-up frames,
one at a time . . . 
. . .  taking care to match up all cut edge
as precisely as possible, here and throughout.
6. Position and attach the frame to the contrast 
base shape, then . . . 
. . . add the frame front, and the window oval.
SUGGESTION: Use a flat weight of some kind
placed on top of the glued-up shape to keep it flat
and prevent warping and curling,
particularly if using liquid adhesive.
7. Position and attach the medallion frame unit
over the offset medallion base.
8. Position and attach the medallion super unit
over the card front where the uneven offset will
be wider at top and side edges.
9.  Layer and attach the swirl shapes in order
from bottom upward as shown: swirl base (main color)
with accent layer next . . .
. . . and top layer (includes swirl highlight 
cut-outs to show contrast thru).
10. Position and attach (optional) hohoho/snowstar
build-up base, then individual hohoho shape
(shown here) with snowstars on top.

11. Position the swirl unit over the medallion window
so that it roughly follows the window oval frame,
and attach in place where the frame and
swirl backside touch.
12. Layer the mini Santa/sleigh accent with
its reinforcement build up shape, and attach.
13. Preview placement of the mini Santa/sleigh
over the lower front part of card to determine
where foam "riser" adhesive squares should be
placed, then position and attach them.
(Foam squares will support the lower/end portions
so that the shape is approx. on the same level
with the multiple layers of medallion and swirl build up.)

14. Position and attach the mini Santa accent
to the card front.
15. As desired, attach pearl, sparkle crystal,
or other studs at snowstar centers as can be seen
here in the finished sample.
Completed card.

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