Saturday, September 2, 2017

Bow 3D Large for Package

Decorate a large package or project with 
this simply-constructed bow decoration which measures 
approx. 3" wide x 7" long x .75" tall.  
3D bow is composed of shaped streamer base, 
loop shape (ends curl under and overlap at center), 
and center wrap band, each with punch hole for alignment 
and to accept a reg. size brad decoration. 
Optional shapes (no-punch center band, brad head circle) 
can be used to create a bow that does not 
include a brad embellishment. 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A streamers base
B loops shape   C center band (with brad punches)
D optional brad "topper" circle
2. Prepare the loops layer by gently adding curl
at the widest portion on each side of center,
so the loops will attractively curl but NOT bend.
3. Curl the loop ends to the center back, overlap
and align the guide dots of each layer,
and glue the "tab" portions only in place.
4. Optional: add a slight downward curl to 
the streamers base just beyond the center
connector area.
5. Layer the bow unit over the streamer shape
and match punch circles, center loops over
streamer shape, and securely attach 
center portions only in place.
6. To assist the center wrap band to "curl" around
the bow assembly and NOT bend flat, add some
curl to the areas to each side of center guide dot
(or midway along each end of strip if using
non-punched strip shape).
7. Position one end of strip on the backside of bow
assembly with punch circles aligned, then wrap strip around
to front . . . 
. . . across front and around to back again
to line up punch circles and glue end in place.
8. Position and attach a regular or large brad
at center with . . . 
. . . circle cover over brad if desired,
simply position and attach circle at center to
over guide punch circles.
Here is the completed bow.


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    1. Barbara - It looks like she's using black glitter cardstock or it might be black glitter vinyl.

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