Thursday, September 7, 2017

Autumn Leaf Ornament Tree

Bring Autumn's beautiful colored leaf display inside 
by converting the "Eggs Tree Display Stand" 
into a "Leaf Tree Display". 
(Purchase Eggs Tree Display Stand file separately.) 
Assemble this finial with its center hole punch top (back layer) arm,
front bracket, back attachment bracket and pole hex cap,
then attach to the tree assembly.
Select from Oak or Maple leaf ornament cut files
to mix and match leaf types, styles, or simply cut
the base leaf layers from favorite autumn color
solids or prints for a bright seasonal display.

NOTE: Use the cut file from
Eggs Tree Display Stand designs to
prepare the tree with BASE, POST & ARMS.
(Find a tutorial for more information about
the construction of those Tree Display Stand
designs HERE.)

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A finial base layer
B finial leaf windows top layer
C leaf shape (11)
D trunk shape
E back layer of top arm (cut 1 for finial;
cut 3 other layers from stand file)
F front bracket   G pole top hexagon cover
H back attachment bracket
2. Position and attach the cutout overlay tree leaf
shape over the plain base, matching outer edges
and guide mark hole punch. Use a flat weight
if available to press the glued-up layers flat
and keep it from warping or curling while drying
if using liquid adhesive.
3. Position and attach the "trunk" shape in the center
of the leaf windows shape, centering it and
lining up the punch hole guide marks.
4. Audition the positions of the eleven oval leaves . . . 
. . . then position and attach each into the selected
window position.
5. Position the finial unit behind the top arm shape
included in the finial design cut file (includes
the guide hole punch for alignment assistance).
line up the lower straight edges, and glue finial
in place. Make sure that the center tab remains
unattached to finial (see end of step 8 for visual).
6. Prepare the layered top (short) arm from
the tree stand cut file (see step 21 from tutorial).
7. Position and attach the front (short) bracket
on the front of layered arm.
8. Layer over the top of the finial arm shape,
lining up all arm outer edges, and glue
securely in place, while making sure . . . 
. . . that the hanging tab at the center remains
unattached to finial by ensuring that it can
be bent forward slightly as will be needed
to hang ornaments.
9. Position the top arm onto the front  of the stand's
pole, at the top arm alignment mark
(see step 23 of the Egg Tree Display), and securely
glue in place, taking care to ensure that the arm
is parallel to the other arms and the base,
and perpendicular to the pole.
10. Position and attach the back bracket strip
(see step 33 in the Eggs Tree Stand tutorial).
11. Position and attach the hexagon cap
on top of the pole to hide the exposed dowel.
12. Prepare the leaf ornaments with twine hangers
(view a similar ornament preparation tutorial HERE).
Hang loops over the arm tabs as shown.

Here is a simulation of the completed tree.

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