Sunday, December 31, 2017

Medium 3D Hex Box Nordic Greeting

Moderate size, six-sided fancy box to decorate 
and display, or use as gift container. 
Measures approx. 5.25" wide x 4.5" deep x 5" tall.  
Side offset accent panels can be cut from favorite paper 
(printed panels shown uses rectangle panels as templates
to fussy cut panels - and word strips - from 
Winter Wonderland Collection "Nordic Greetings" print stock.) 
Lid accent shapes include bracket medallion 
and offset shape. Embellish as desired for 
a keepsake box such as adding painted wooden knob 
glued in place on top. 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A main box hull panels (2)    
B base hexagon marked with 'B' for Base
C hull top opening reinforcement collar
D side panel accents and template
E lid side panels (2)
F lid hexagon   G lid hex accent
H& I opt. medallion offset accent shapes
2. This project uses "Nordic Greetings" specialty
print card stock from Graphic 45, shown here
for viewing the panels and borders that
show on the project model.
Many other options are available, of course
The model box lid also includes the bracket medallion
from the Winter Wonderland Graphic 45
chipboard embellishments set.
The medallion used is shown in the upper
left corner (interior circle NOT used).
The accent offset brackets included
in the cut file for this box are coordinated
to the medallion chipboard shape.
3. Follow the construction sequence and steps
for the larger hexagon box project by going
to that tutorial HERE, following steps 2-19.
NOTE that for this medium box, the hull and the lid
have only 2 side panels to prepare and join.

4. Also NOTE that the hull opening reinforcement collar
for the medium box does NOT include
the cross-bracing, but is open instead as shown
in this image. The collar can be positioned
inside the hull top opening below the top rim flanges,
as is shown with the large box construction.
OR even with the top rim edge, as is shown here.
(Refer to Step 11 in Large 3D Hex Box tutorial.)
(Positioning choice may depend on how snuggly
the card stock being used fits into the hex opening - 
both for the medium project, and for the large box.)
4. Complete the lid decoration by layering 
the two offset shapes together with center
circle opening edges lined up, then centering
and attaching on the lid top.
Position and attach the chipboard medallion
on the offset accents, with center opening
edges of all lined up.
5. NOTE that the fussy-cut (rotary trimmed) side panels 
from the Nordic Greetings Graphic 45 print will be
short enough on the box side panels to allow
the very narrow "Winter Wonderland" word
print strips from the card stock to likewise
be rotary trimmed into a strip, then cut to size
by splitting the tiny flourish between
"Winter Wonderland". These strips can be
positioned and attached above the larger panels.
6.  Finally, if desired, paint a small wooden knob
and attach at the lid center.

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