Friday, December 29, 2017

Dove Layered Ornament

Graceful dove with outlined details in wings and tail overlays 
messages love and peace for Christmas, New Year, 
wedding, Valentine, and more. 
Built-up layers (9 for body; 8 for wings) 
with stacked eye "dots" that fit into socket cutouts 
give this ornament strength, weight and presence. 
Hang tab accepts ribbon or twine as hanger. 
Embellish with pearl bead on hang loop, 
glitter on over-wings, etc. 
Measures approx. 6" long x 4.25" tall.

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A right body (3)   B left body (3)
C left body overlay (3)
D right body overlay (3)
E & F eye mini circle (3 each for left and right)
G & J wing middle layers: 
1 of left; 1 of right for each wing unit
H & L wing overlay: 3 for each wing unit
I & K wing overlay: 3 for each wing unit
M right upper wing: 3
N left upper wing: 3
NOTE: the hanger tab(s) in middle body shapes 
have been slightly modified in the final version.
2. Layer the shapes to create thick shapes,
taking care to line up cut edges as accurately
as possible, apply pressure all around to
make sure edges adhere properly:

stack and glue middle wing 3 shapes 
for left and right . . . 
. . . then press under a flat weight until dry.
3. Stack and glue left and right wing overlay
3 shapes, for both left and right wing units.
4. Stack and glue upper wing 3 shapes,
one for left wing, and one for right wing.
5. Assemble the wing unit by layering a left wing
overlay onto the middle wing layer stack . . .
. . . then the right wing overlay on the opposite side
of wing, taking care to line up cut edges
all around (then press under weight until dry).
Prepare two wing stack units.
6. Position and attach upper wing unit left & right units
on the outer "face" side of each wing unit,
matching cut edges. Press flat.
7. Layer left (shown here) body middle layers 
and the right body middle layers into stacks,
taking care to match up cut edges all around.
Press flat until dry.
8. Stack and glue the 3 right body (shown here) and
3 left body shapes, edges carefully aligned, 
and press flat. 
9. Position middle body stacks back to back,
carefully aligning cut edges, and glue together, press.
10. Position, align cut edges, and attach
both the body overlay stacks onto the appropriate
face of the middle layers stack. Press under weight
until dry. 
11. Layer and glue together 3 eye circle punches
into left eye, and 3 circles into right eye.
12. Position and attach each eye stack
into the eye recess cut circle on left and right
"faces" of bird body.
13.Thread a 12-14 inch length of silk ribbon or
twine through the middle body tab
(it is easier to access at this point in construction).
14. Locate the wing position guide dash lines
on right body face layer (rounded at wing front
and straight short line halfway back toward tip)
then position wing accordingly, with tip
approx. 1/4" away from tail, and glue in place.
15. Locate wing position guide dash lines (only rounded 
at wing front, then position left wing accordingly
with 1/4" between wing near-tip and tail edge,
and glue in place. 
This frame shows where to measure the 1/4"
space between wing tips and tail.
Press with weight until dry.
16. Tie ribbon hanger loop ends into knot, with optional
bead threaded on first.
Add "sugar" glitter to over wing if desired.

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