Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Winter Ornament Tree Assembly

Delicate snow swirl with stars, flakes and dots 
intermingled in this Winter-time variation 
ornament tree stand display. 
(Purchase Stars Tree Display Stand file separately.) 
Swirls base has 4 low-contrast overlays. 
Add separate stars, flakes and flake-dots for detail. 
Attach optional "WINTER" or "JANUARY" word shapes, 
then attach behind top tree branch. 

Decorate using winter themed
ornaments sized to fit (choose from 6 varied snowflakes 
plus 6 other designs.)

ASSEMBLY:  1. Complete the tree display stand
following the assembly steps as shown
in a previous ornament tree tutorial by following
this LINK. Substitute the snow swirls
finial assembly and attachment shown 
in the following steps.

2. Identify and cut the finial shapes:

3. Layer the word cut with its contrast offset shape.
4. Position and attach the swirl contrast overlays.
5. Position and attach the tiny snowflake shapes
over the corresponding base shapes
contained within the fused swirls, then . . . 
. . . position and attach the stars, and dots.
6. Position the back arm built-up layers over the front
of the finial, with guide punch holes lined up,
and the bottom straight edges even.
7. Position, centered and "level", the selected
word cut element.
8. Position and attach the finial onto the main
tree display assembly, with attachment
bracket and top post hex, in similar fashion
as shown for the Flip Flop Starburst finial tree project
at this LINK, steps 5 & 6.
9. Select, cut and build the ornaments
and attach hanging loops as shown in step 4
for the Easter Eggs Ornament Tree project 
found at this LINK.

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