Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Rooster Fancy Feathers CROW Card

"Patchwork" feathers create this fancy fellow 
who can "crow" about someone or something special. 
Focal point rooster is composed of more than 18 different shapes 
(composed onto section and whole silhouettes) 
with a rounded corner plaque that declares" CROW". 
Great for sending congratulations, encouragement, 
wishes for a a happy day, and other sentiments. 
Shaped card top has mirror image back base panel 
with perforation line near top to allow back to 
bend outward in self-easel style display card. 
Measures approx. 5.6" x 7" when closed. 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A card base front   B card base back (with perforation)
C offset base for rooster
D rooster building silhouette (shows thru as feet)
E head shapes
F chest shapes
G tail feather shapes
H CROW letters and arrow base
I plaque front, contrast (show-thru for punch dots)
and contrast offset base layer
J plaque end build up layers (6)

To help identify where the cut shapes will SHOW,
refer to this numbered diagram.
NOTE that some shapes are "base" shapes
to build other shapes onto or sections for assembly
(2 is head base; 9 is chest base; 12 is tail base;
10 has 11 added to it; 13 has 14 & 15 added to it.)

This layout shows corresponding numbers to
compare the model card colors to the diagram above.
2. Prepare the head component shapes and
the assembly silhouette.
Layer #3 head over #2 wattle/comb shape . . . 
. . . then add #5 eye circle and #4 beak 
to head assembly . . . 
. . . then position and attach head assembly
to #1 silhouette shape.
3. Prepare the chest assembly shapes.
Position #6 chest front shape over 
the #9 base shape . . .
. . . add the #7 narrow feather to the assembly. . . 
. . . add  #8 next to #7, and #11 onto #10,
then add the 10/11 unit onto #9 (a portion of
#9 will show thru).
Position the chest assembly onto the #1 silhouette,
tucking the matching-shaped edge next to
lower head assembly.
4. Prepare the tail feather shapes.
Position #14 onto lower edge curve of #13,
and in the same process . . . 
. . . add #15 along the top of #13.
Add the 13-15 unit onto the #12 base.
Add #16 on right side curve, then . . . 
. . . add #17 along top.
Position and attach the tail assembly unit
onto the #1 base, tucking it up next to right side
of chest section.
5. Add the #18 crescent over the two adjoining
assemblies at the top between head and tail sections.
6. Prepare the card back base shape by bending
along the perforation line as a "valley" fold.
17. Position and attach the upper portion of
backside of the back base card to
the corresponding portion of the card front base
18. Position and attach the rooster assembly
to the rooster offset shape with equal margins
all around as shown. 
19. Position the rooster/offset base unit onto
the front card base, and attach.
20. Position and attach the contrast plaque panel,
then  . . . 
. . . then center and attach to the contrast offset
base shape.
21. Prepare a plaque ends riser by layering
the partial (end) cut shapes into two stacks of 3,
with edges aligned well as shown.
22. Position the contrast colored letters on top
of the arrow/CROW base. 
23. Center the Crow/Arrow shape onto the front
of the plaque assembly, and attach.

24. Position one stack underneath the plaque layers
on each end of the plaque assembly, with outer
edges matched up, and attach in place.
25. Position and attach the plaque assembly onto
the front of the card.
(Riser stacks will raise the plaque slightly above
the rooster shapes and feet.)

Here's the completed card, using
the back card as a self-easel.

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