Thursday, September 6, 2018

Barn Yard 3D Box Card

Get your "Yee-Haw" on with a miniature barn yard 
in this dimensional card. 
Classic barn framework creates back drop for three bridges. 
Back bridge holds barn front with 
whimsical cow peeking out window. 
Middle bridge holds perky pig with fold-down ears, 
and front bridge holds folk art hen. 
Arched picket fence accents box front 
with layered plaque and word cut out. 
Silo unit attaches behind back panel. 

Box card folds flat for sending, 
opens into box form for display. 
Measures approx. 7.125" tall x 3.5" wide 
x 2" deep when opened.
A companion envelope design is also available.

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A main card base
B outside back accent shape
C inside back accent shape
D silo with triangle roof
E picket fence with 2 rails
F front plaque 2 layers with "yee-haw!" word cut
G bridge #3 barn front accent with window frame
and roof beam accents
H barn spacer support strips (2)
I cow shapes to layer
J bridge #2   K pig shapes to layer
L bridge #3    M chicken shapes to layer
2. Prepare the base shape by bending back
on all the vertical perforations for panels
and end flange.
Note the small hash cuts near side panel top
and bottom edges that will serve to help
align and position the bridges during later assembly.
3. Position and attach the side attachment accents
and exterior back accent shape within the appropriate
panels with approx. 1.2" offset.

4. Form the card base into a tube to bring the side flange
perf line to align with corresponding outer edge
of tall back panel, adjust bottoms to match,
and glue side seam.
5. Prepare the inner back accent assembly
by attaching the triangle roof accent to
top of silo shape, then tucking silo
behind the barn shape, with bottom and
side edges even, and glue together where
the shapes overlap.
6. Tuck the interior back barn panel assembly
into the box base assembly to center and align with
back panel bottom edge, then attach in place.
7. Prepare the bridge #3 assembly by bending
the side flanges back, also positioning
and attaching the beam and window frame
accent shapes.
8. Insert the bridge #3 assembly into the box interior
and line up bottom edges of box sides and
bridge, also align side flange perf edge at
hash cut guide marks on box sides, then glue
flanges in place to inside of side walls.
(While no image is provided, it is a good idea
at this point, after the side flanges are attached,
but before the glue is absolutely set up, to
fold the card assembly into its flattened form
to apply pressure in the area of the flange attachments
to secure the flanges in place, and also allow them
to self-adjust slightly if necessary)
9. Get familiar with the cow assembly shapes.
Position the eye and nostril (black) show-thru shape
inside the matching recess in the body/head shape.
Position the body shape over the horns shape
(includes body silhouette) and match edges
that can align, then glue in place.
Position the hoof face over the hoof contrast base
and attach for both of the pair.
Position the face  shape over the body assembly
and attach in place.
Position the muzzle shape over the head shape
and attach in place.
NOTE: hooves remain separate until later.
10. Position body shape in through the front
of the window opening and behind the lower sill,
and move downward until ears and horns
are on top of the upper window frame timber,
center the shape, then glue in place.
11. Position the hooves on the front  the window
sill to match the shapes on the body assembly,
and glue in place.
12. Prepare the spacer strips by bending back
on tab perforations.
Position at beam level between the backside
 of the barn #3 bridge and the back interior barn shape,
inward approx. 1/2" from barn side edges,
and glue the tabs in place to each surface.
Repeat for the opposite side.
Here you can see both bridges in place.
from top view.
Before glue is completely dry on spacer strip
attachment tabs, fold the card flat and apply
pressure at the position of the spacer strips
(which are between layers). Apply pressure to
help the spacer strips adjust, and to help secure
the spacer strips in place.
13. Prepare the shapes for bridge #2 and #1 by bending
back the side flanges.
14. Insert bridge #2 into the box cavity and position
the front corner edge of each side at the corresponding
guide marks on the box hull side panels, with upper
front panel edge even with hull cut edge top and
bottom edges even too.
After bridge #3 is in place, fold the card flat
then apply finger tip pressure along the areas
where each side flange is being attached.
15. Repeat the process to insert bridge #1 in front
position using corresponding guide marks, and . . . 
. . . press flat to secure side flange attachment.
16. Assemble the pig figure as follows:
A) identify the shapes  and place eye contrast
rounded rectangle into head recess cutout; 
B) attach hoof accents on leg extensions,
C) bend ears forward on perf marks,
D) attach head oval over head base and
body oval over body base, E) attach nose over
contrast (nostrils) oval.
F) attach nose onto head circle,
G) attach eye white circles over eyes,
H) attach head unit over body.
17. Position pig over upper left edge of bridge #2 
with lower portion overlapping bridge, 
then attach in place.
18. Assemble the chicken unit by
A) Position and attach body over base (shows
thru as wattle and comb extensions;
B) position and attach eye in recess,
C) and beak in place on base;
D) attach heart wing accent.
19. Position chicken unit onto upper right edge
of bridge #1 as shown.
20. Prepare fence accent by attaching fence rails
onto fence base.
Attach plaque layers, then position and attach
"yee-haw" word cut.
(NOTE the coloration was changed on final model.)
If desired, ink the inside of the "nail" hole punches
on rails with a fine tip felt pen. Or attach small
studs over cutout positions.
21. Attach plaque to fence unit, then
attach the fence onto box card front.
Here is the box card in its finished
folded-flat position, ready to send.
(A coordinating envelope design
is available.)

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  1. Oh my GOODNESS! I have a list of kiddos that would LOVE this card. I can't wait to make it :)