Thursday, January 30, 2014

3d Heart Candy, Gift or Card Box Tutorial

New for Valentine's Day 2014 from SnapDragon Snippets
through the Silhouette America online store
is this petite candy box that can also be
a gift card holder with added insert.
Measuring just 4.5" x 4" x .75", it holds just the right amount of treats!

1. Identify and cut the shapes.
lid hollow heart & scallop face shape
lid left & right boxing strips
base heart & liner shape
base left & right boxing strips
insert "extra" box tab with support strip
gift card insert platform

2. Fold base boxing strips at perforations. Fold tabs back. 

3. Locate the non-"T" tab end of boxing strip (find the circle symbol tab). Apply glue and overlap opposite non-tab end to perforation, align so that boxing edges create a continuous straight edge, then hold until adhesive is secure.

4. Apply glue to tab to one side of the boxing strip seam. Attach tab under the base heart at corner.

Continue applying glue one or two tabs, folding boxing at perforation to align tab fold edge with edge of base heart until first half is complete and in place.

Follow the same process to attach the second boxing half.

5. Apply glue to the top center tab. Slide it into position behind the opposite boxing vertical edge. Hold joint until it is secure.

6. Finish the base by applying glue and placing liner face side up into base.

Note that the liner in the cut file has a small arch cutout near the bottom left edge so that it won't be confused with the base shape.

(This notch was not included in the shape above used for the photographs in this tutorial.)

7. Join the rim boxing strips into a single length.

Fold the lip edge "tabs" back, apply glue to each, then re-fold into place and hold until each is secure. DO NOT glue the final rim "tab" near the un-glued non-tab boxing end until other free edge is joined (rim boxing will form a ring at this point).

8. Apply glue, overlap tab over backside of opposite strip, hold in place until secure.

Glue and re-fold final rim tab into place.

9. Begin gluing hollow lid shape to rim tabs at center top. Work around heart to align and glue tabs to corresponding edges of hollow face shape until all edges are attached to hollow heart. 

10. Apply glue to the underside of hollow lid heart. Insert cut clear heart shape and hold in place to secure. Take care not to touch clear plastic to avoid body oil or glue smudges. 

11. Apply glue to the hollow lid face surface. Position and attach face shape, taking care to align inner heart edges that should match up.

12. Fold gift card insert edges back along perforations. Fold back each of the narrow triangular-shaped tabs in the gaps between sections. Apply glue to tabs one at a time, overlap adjacent straight boxing section edge and hold to glue in place.

(Gift card does NOT need to be place at this stage of construction. When placing gift card onto insert, avoid pulling at semicircular tabs. Instead, flex card into an arch, then in this slightly "shortened" configuration carefully insert edges until end tabs.

13. Prepare "extra" boxing section with tabs and platform support. Fold end and top tabs back. Fold support strip inward at perforations.

14. Attach tab end under section straight vertical edge near heart top as shown. Before gluing, direct the strip to extend toward heart area center, below the platform area.

15. Underneath the heart insert, fold the strip into a loose triangular shape.

16. Position the insert into the box base. Push downward into the box until it is fully in.

17. Finally, place lid onto base.

Now your heart box is ready to fill with treats, or with gift card on the insert.

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