Saturday, January 3, 2015

Large Snowflake on Stand Assembly Guide

This large three-layer snowflake on a hex tube pole
and triangle support flat stand
will round out your winter season decor.
It measures approx. 14" tall, 7" snowflake width,
stand approx. 5" in diameter,
so it is large enough to be the back row
in a display.
(Photography here has a surprising effect that
seems to guild the stand, pole and lower portion of snowflake,
but only two "whites" were used in this cardstock creation,
distressed with application of ink at edges.)

1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A three snowflake layers
B pole
C support for pole
D top circle base shape (with slots)
E "washer" hex stack for support (6)
F accent shapes for support (6)
G middle and lower middle base shapes
H bottom base shape (no hex hole)
I pole bracket

2. Layer and glue each of the three snowflake shapes to each other, centered, largest on bottom.

3. Form the pole shape into a tube by first folding on all lengthwise perforation lines, then bringing the opposite long edges together, with the tab under the plain straight edge. Overlap  the edge over the tab to it's perforation line, then glue in place.

It will be helpful to insert a rod tool such as a standard school pencil into the tube to provide a press-against surface to ensure that the seam attaches thoroughly.

4. Carefully stack and glue together the 6 support hexagon "washer" shapes, making sure that the hex hole opening edges align exactly so that the hex pole will fit properly through.

5. Position and attach the hex stack on the top/face side of the top base circle, taking care again that the hex openings of all align exactly.

6. Prepare the pyramid support by folding it on all vertical perforations as inward or "mountain" folds, and folding lower edge tabs outward. Also fold the tiny top opening tabs outward.

Overlap the straight side edge over the opposite side tab to perforation line and glue in place.

7. Insert the support tabs through the slots on the top base circle ...

... then fold the tabs outward and glue in place on the underside.

8. Fold each of the support accent shapes on the horizontal perf line, then position and attach one on each panel of the support shape, with the lower portion attaching to the top base circle face.

It may be helpful to insert the end of a rod tool such as this standard pencil shaft into the top opening to provide a press-against surface to ensure that the decor shapes attach completely.

9. Position and attach the middle two base circles, smallest next to the backside of the top circle, then the other (both have the hex hole opening).

10. Insert the pole's top non-tab end through the base end hex opening and push through until the end tabs seat exactly against the bottom-most base circle. Fold the tabs back and glue in place.

11. Position and attach the bottom base circle.

12. Insert optional wooden dowel (diameter size selected to fit as snugly and fully as possible inside the pole tube) into the tube and push to the bottom. Mark a cut line at the top of the pole, then remove and cut to size.

Re-insert and glue in place.

13. Prepare the pole bracket by folding the sides and top tabs back, side "X"  tabs and top triangle tab back. Fold the top panel down so that the shape forms and three-sided open box. Glue top's side tabs in place.

14. Determine the top of the snowflake assembly, then turn the assembly face down on work surface.

Position the bracket box, opening downward, over the center of the snowflake. Adjust the position so that the box is not seen from the front of the snowflake ("X" side tabs will align with the spokes of the snowflake), then glue side and top tabs in place.

15. Slide the bracket over the top of the pole and orient it so that a "flat" face of the hexagon-shaped pole fits flat against the backside of the snowflake.

Remove, then add glue to the inside of the bracket, and also to the length of the vertical snowflake arm. Replace snowflake onto pole and glue bracket, pole and snowflake together, holding and applying pressure until attachment is secure.

Finished snowflake display, front view.
Finished snowflake display, angled view.

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