Monday, January 5, 2015

Snowglobe 3D Box & Snowman Project Notes

This paper craft Snowglobe 3D Box with Snowman
is an exclusive cut file design
available (soon) through SVG Attic,
a sister site for
The snowglobe (2 files) and the snowman designs
have previously been made available through Silhouette America.

The SVG Attic set files (go here for purchase)[link not active yet]
are sized to go together,
and modified so that the snowglobe arches
are on 5 sides, but NOT the front.

1. The cut file is colored to help identify the snowglobe LID, BASE, GLOBE arches, ACCENT SHAPES, SNOWMAN SHAPES, and so forth.

2. NOTE that there is a left and right half arch shape for the globe back. Glue these backsides together to form one half arch shape, keeping top end tabs free; bend tabs outward in opposite directions.

3. CUT 2 of the full arch shapes, then glue them back to back also. (When assembling the arch sections, they will slot together at the center top. Doubling gives them extra strength. However, if your cardstock makes the connection points too THICK, you may need to snip/trim a tiny bit from one or more slot sides to get a good fit, but do so carefully!)

4. CONSTRUCTION SEQUENCE: (follow these steps until a more pictorial tutorial becomes available)
a. Build the BASE: Fold inward on all perforation lines. Join the two sides sections. Fold into a tube, overlapping straight edge over side end tab to perforation and glue. Fold bottom base octagon up and glue to tabs.
b. Build the LID: Fold inward on all perforation lines of 2 side shapes. Join one long edge overlapped to tab perf line to connection into one panel. Attach accent side, bevel and top shapes while panels are flat. Join the bevel top section seams, straight edge over short tab. Form a tube and join end edge over tab to perforation line. Position LID top OCTAGON over top tabs and glue in place.
c. Build the DOME: see Notes #2 & #3 above. Begin with the #1 shape, slide #2 shape slot over #1, then #3 over the first two. Position the HALF ARCH shape at the back center of the three-arch assembly, then attach each tab to the adjacent dome arch shape. The dome now has 7 "spokes"; the "open" area is the front.
d. Orient the dome spoke ends to line up with the slots on the LID top, then insert each shaped end into the slot with a slight twist.
e. Finish the dome arch to match the project sample by gluing a small, painted wooden or plastic bead at the arch center top where the spokes come together.
f. Fit the LID over the BASE to complete the snowglobe box.
g. Build the SNOWMAN by sliding body shape #2 over #1 at the center, then sliding #3 over the center of the first two. Attach accent ARM shapes and NOSE shapes. 
h. Build HAT by folding crown shape on all perforations, inward on verticals and top tabs, outward on; lower horizontal tabs. Form crown into a tube and glue edge over tab. Fold top tabs in toward center, then fold top hexagon shape down over tabs and glue in place. Slide crown tube up from bottom of brim circle until tabs are seated exactly at tube tab perf lines. Glue tabs in place under brim circle. Slide hat over top of snowman body, adjusting the slices to align with the angles of the hat crown, then glue in place.
i. Optional: tie twine, yarn or ribbon "scarf" around snowman neck.
j. Position and glue snowman at center of snowglobe lid, with a little fake snow shreds, if desired.

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