Friday, January 16, 2015

Ribbon Tie 3d Heart Candy Box

Deliciously sweet Valentines Day gift box to hold candy, 
or - with platform added - a gift card.
Box is composed of lid and base.
A clear plastic shape inserted in lid forms 
the box's window with scalloped top shape 
and heart-shaped "stripe" are added on top. 
Ribbon slots on decorative shape edges allows a ribbon 
to be tied around closed base & lid as closure.
Finished size is approx. 5.25" wide x 4.75" tall x 1" deep.
You'll be surprised how quickly this little gem
goes together.

1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A heart base shape
B base boxing strips
C base cosmetic liner (to hide tabs inside)
D lid heart shape
E lid boxing strips
F clear window shape
G decorative overlay base for lid
H decorative "stripe" overlay for lid
I optional gift card insert
J optional gift card insert support strip

2. Visit this POST for a similar heart 3d box. Follow steps 2-16 for the construction of the base and lid, and optional gift card insert.

(Also review and follow the next steps to completed this heart box which is slightly different from the box in the post referenced.)

When attaching clear plastic window shapes, I prefer to use a double-sided adhesive narrow tape (such as the Kool Tak product shown here) along the edges of the window to attach it in place.

Remove the protecting tape liner, then place it into the lid backside and press to secure the window heart shape in place.

Layer and attach the accent "stripe" echo heart onto the scalloped decorative lid shape.

Attach the scalloped heart to the lid front, aligning the inner shapes of both.

It will help to turn the lid assembly face down on a flat smooth surface to press from the backside to achieve a complete and thorough attachment.

Fill the base with your selected candy, or prepare the gift card base by folding and joining the wedge tabs on the side boxing sections and joining the the adjacent straight edge.

Near the top, the space will be filled in by attaching the section that is part of the platform strip . . .

. . . as can be seen here. Join the tab to the final top right boxing edge and to the heart edge . . . 

. . . then bend the platform strip into a triangular shape which sits loosely under the heart platform.

Fit the insert into the base and push down until it seats against the base back. The gift card surface will be fairly close to the box rim.

Place the lid on the box. Wrap a 16-19" length of 1/2" to 1" wide fairly soft ribbon around the back of the box and thread ends through the side slots in the lid decor shape. 

Bring ends to the center front and tie in a loose overhand knot at the front (you will need a longer length of ribbon to tie a bow). Arrange and trim tie ends.

Now you are ready to treat your favorite Valentine!