Saturday, January 3, 2015

Cupid TeePee Card Assembly Guide

Create this unique and dimensional
Valentine that folds flat for giving or sending,
(cut file includes the oversize envelope that fits)
then transforms into a pyramid teepee form
with a ribbon tie fastener for displaying.
If you've been making cards for a while,
you have perhaps created a pyramid or teepee card
from three squares of paper.
This variation has fused the overlapping shapes
to provide an arrow-head tri-panel card base
that holds accent offset arrow shapes,
doily circle with "chocolate" hearts horseshoe wreath
and large aiming cupid.
Two layer banner card with "sweetheart" cutout
adds a finishing touch.
Faster and easier than it's impressive visual impact
might suggest.

1. Identify and cut the shapes.

Card base with 3 pyramid shapes + triangle
Arrowhead accent shapes (shown in place)
Medalion and horsehoe wreath
Cupid accent
Two-piece banner
Silky ribbon (9-12") as display fastener.

Also cut the optional envelope shapes:
Front with top flap, bottom flange
Accent for flap
Back with side flanges

2. Assemble the accent elements.

Heart horseshoe wreath is glued to the front of the scalloped medallion.

Banner front is attached to banner base, with word cutout center on top.

Banner is attached to medallion.

3. Add optional dimension by applying small foam (or equivalent) squares to the backside of the assemblies. Take care to place them where they will actually touch the narrowing arrow point shape of the card front. 

4. Center and attach the medallion assembly slightly below the front panel's tip. (FRONT panel is the middle arrow head shape, the one without punch holes.)

5. Center and attach the cupid shape.

6. Test assemble the standing card by folding the card into a pyramid, bringing the "plain" triangle panel under the "left" arrow head panel, lining up the punch holes.

7. Thread the ribbon through the series of punch holes than will hold together the left and right side panels of the card.

Tie the ribbon into a bow. (Trim excess ribbon away.)

This is a view of the card from the front.

Here is a view of the finished standing card.

8. Prepare the custom envelop. 

Fold the side flanges of the back envelope shape inward.

Position over the backside of the envelope front so that the bottom of the back aligns at the perforation line of the front's bottom flange. Glue side flanges in place.

9. Fold the front's bottom flange up into place and glue.

10. Center and glue flap accent in place (with top straight edge at flap perforation line, curved edge offset slightly).

To send the Cupid teepee card, untie and fold at the center fold line to flatten the card. ("Plain" triangle and right arrow head panels will be folded to the back.) Insert into the envelope.

Take care with the extending cupid's arrow tip.

If you will not be there when the valentine is received to show the recipient how the card becomes a "teepee", you may want to reference this tutorial, especially steps 6 & 7.

Here is the link:

(Or you can provide your own written or verbal directions, of course.)

Hope you had fun creating this unique card.

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