Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Camping 3d Tent Favor Box

Camping party theme ware:
a small tent complete with fold-back flaps
and pennant flag,
has a side contrast flap that conceals a fill hole
for candy or other loose goodies.
Cover the door triangle with a clear vinyl pane,
and add the half-fold flag on a toothpick pole.
Measures approx. 3" x 3" x 4".

(This assembly guide is under construction.
Please return soon to view the complete tutorial.)
1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A main tent shape (incl. front, back, sides)
B clear vinyl front (door) liner panel
C top flap and opening cover
D fold-over pennant flag

2. Prepare the main tent shape by folding back along perforations: floor and side panels. back and front, tabs.

Also fold the door flaps forward to each side.

3. Prepare to install the brads or grommets/eyelets into flap and front panel. The small punch holes are suited to mini brads. If you choose larger brads or mini grommets, you many need to "open" them up a bit.

One way to do this is to use a pointed tool such as this awl to gently enlarge the circle to fit your particular product.

Once prepared, fold the flaps into position and apply or attach eyelets or brads.

4. Fold the front "floor" flap section that will correspond to the door position back flat onto the tent floor inside and glue in place.

5. Bend the main tent shape into triangular shape to bring the front* lower edges even with the base/floor tab perforation lines. Glue the floor edge tabs behind the door wall sections.

*Connect only the front at this point, to improve accessibility to the area behind the front triangle panel.

6. Prepare the clear door liner panel by locating the pair of perf cuts near the 1/4" line in from the base of the clear triangle cut shape. Fold the tab (identified by the cuts) back to a 90 degree angle.

One way to do this is to lay a straight edge along the line that would connect the edge perforations,then fold the tab back.

Here in this side view you can see the bend in the bottom of the clear panel.

7. Apply adhesive to the front of the upright triangle sides, and the base tab, then . . . 

. . . position and adhere the panel on the back side of the front tent triangle panel, to cover and close the door opening.

8. Bend to bring the back side in line with the first triangle tab and join.

9. Fold the remaining top panel into position to attach second front and back tab, and side tab to corresponding tent straight edges. 

Use the fill opening to reach and apply pressure where needed to attach the tabs.

10.  Prepare the top flap by folding in half, back sides together (mountain fold), also folding bottom tab back slightly.

11. To help position the top flap to glue the non-fill opening half in correct position, insert the tab in the tab slot on the right side bottom edge . . .

. . . then fold the flap over the top of the tent. Apply adhesive to the half being folded into position, then fold down completely to line up the bottom flap edge at the bottom fold of the left half. Apply pressure to join the half in place.

NOTE: only apply glue and join the half that is not covering the opening.

12. Fold the pennant flag in half, back sides together. Apply glue to one half, place top of a tooth pick or equivalent flag stick (approx. 2.5" tall) in the fold, then fold the halves together to secure all edges and enclose the stick securely.

13. Insert the pick bottom through the small pinpoint hole on the roof crest near the tent front. Glue in place.

14. To complete the favor box, fill with loose candy, close the flap and insert the tab into slot.

Here is the tent favor box ready to go!


  1. Oh wow! This is really adorable! Very fun for camping favors :)

  2. The small punch holes are suited to mini brads. If you choose larger brads or mini grommets, you many need to "open" them up a bit.

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