Tuesday, July 14, 2015

S'mores 3d Gift Card Box Assembly Guide

Three-plus layers of "boxes" create 
this replica squished "s'mores" treat. 
Top layer thin box has accent shapes to suggest graham cracker. 
Second layer is the octagon based marshmallow 
with curving strips for more dimension. 
Bottom thin box is comprised of lid that represents 
the melt-y chocolate, 
and a base that suggests the final graham cracker. 
Measures approx. 4.25x4.25x2.75 inches. 

1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A top cracker "box"
B cracker accent shape
C top box support strip
D marshmallow octagon box
E octagon box side (add to D)
F marshmallow curved side shape strips
G marshmallow head and face shapes
H lower box "lid" (chocolate layer)
I bottom (base) box "cracker"
J gift card insert

2. Prepare the top "cracker" thin box shape by folding back on all perforation lines.

3. Position (centered) on top panel of upper cracker box shape - portion which has sides and tabs around 3 sides - and attach.

4. Fold the box ides up to form the "tray" of the box, with edge tabs inward. Glue the corner tabs under the adjacent sides.

5. Prepare the top box support strip by folding on perforations to form a "ring", folding tabs outward at perpendicular angle.

Overlap straight end edge to tab perf line and glue in place.

6. Position the support ring on the underside of the top cracker thin box top, rotate so that the square ring is "on point" diagonally within the tray, adjust, then glue tabs in place to box's underside.

(NOTE: this support strip helps keep the top cracker shape from collapsing when customary pressure is applied during handling, etc.)

7. Fold the "lid" into position over the tabs, and glue tabs to underside of lid, while at the same time overlapping the lid's end tab to line up with corresponding long and short edges of box end Glue end tab in place.

8. Prepare the octagon marshmallow foundation box by folding back on all perforation lines of main shape and add-on side shape.

Overlap the straight add-on end edge to the tab perforation line of the adjacent main shape, adjust so that top and bottom of strips line up, and glue in place.

9. Form the box sides into a ring to overlap the opposite straight end edge and tab perforation line in the same fashion, adjust, and glue edge in place over tab.

10. Fold the hollow octagon ends down into position over the folded-inward tabs and glue in place. Adjust the ends during the gluing process to make sure that the edges line up as accurately as possible.

11. Add curl to each of the curve side shapes, between the tabs ONLY.

12. Position one end tab at an octagon edge section, with perforation and "corner" lined up exactly, center as necessary, and glue in place.

13. On the opposite end of the strip, line up the end tab at the corner in similar fashion, and glue in place.

14. Repeat the same steps to position and glue end tabs in place for the remaining 7 strips.

15. Apply generous adhesive to the "top" octagon area of the marshmallow (YOU select which is top or bottom at this point in the construction), then center it on the underside of the top thin cracker box, adjust so it is centered, then hold in place until secure.

NOTE: when looking directly down from above the positioned marshmallow assembly on the top cracker box, the edge of the marshmallow silhouette lines up more or less with the cracker top edges. Check the relationship of the silhouette and box edges to help center them when gluing.

16. Prepare the chocolate layer lid by folding the sides toward the center on the perforation lines, folding end tabs inward.

Overlap straight end edge of each side over the adjacent corner tab and glue in place. Repeat for each of the corners.

17. Prepare the tab latch closure by folding each of the pair of strips inward on the two straight end perforations as shown.

Position the end tab behind the lid top panel and side, center it side to side, align the latch strip's perforation exactly at the lid perforation corner, and glue in place.

(NOTE you can also glue the touching side under-surface to the latch strip, if you wish.)

18. Prepare the base box by folding sides and rim tabs, corner tabs back.

Create the tray box by bringing the straight side edge to overlap the corresponding side tab perforation line, and glue in place.

19. Fold the rim tabs back to the interior of the tray box and glue each in place.

20. Prepare the optional gift card insert by folding back the sides and end tabs.

Form the insert into an inverted tray (bottom up, in other words) by arranging and gluing corners in the same fashion as for chocolate lid (see step 16). 

21. Place the gift card's corners under the curved cuts on the insert, then place the insert inside the base tray.

22. Test, if you wish, how the chocolate lid with latch strips fits over the base.

Overlap and interlock the ends of strips
to fasten the lid to the base.

23. Apply glue to the bottom octagon of the marshmallow/top cracker assembly, then position, center, and glue securely to the chocolate lid.

24. Prepare the head and face.

Layer dark eyes over contrast liner circles. Position and attach tongue at the bottom of the mouth shape. Position and attach cheek shapes on each side of mouth.

Use the "whole" head liner shape (without eye cutouts) glued behind the decorated face shape to provide a "glue-to" surface for the eyes - or, use the head liner as the eyes "show thru" color.

25. Select which position on the cracker/mallow top assembly is the front, then apply glue to the horizontal center of that curve strip and attach the head.

NOTE: you may wish to add some top-to-bottom curl to the face assembly prior to attaching.

Here is the completed gift card box, with base tray and insert in place, latch strips wrapped across the bottom and interlocked.


  1. This makes me hungry :) I love how real it looks!

  2. This is the BEST wrapped gift ever !!! I will not be able to rest til I make these