Sunday, August 23, 2015

Apple Barrel Slider Card with Hidden Compartment

Apple barrel shaped thick "flat card" has apples top portion 
that slides out to reveal a gift card-shaped cavity. 
Tuck a type-paper note behind the slider in the back 
with sentiment and to offer clue about something hidden inside. 
Recipient simply pushes card free 
by poking finger through slider back hole.
Identify and cut the shapes:
A front barrel base panel, staves layers (3)
B front panel band strips
(not shown: 10 punch dot circles for bands)
C Back barrel base panel
D Base build up layers (5)
E slider base panel
F slider build up layers (3)
G apples and leaves accent shapes
H front "Harvest" sign layers

2. Apply glue to the backside of the first base build up layer. Position on the backside of the back base shape, carefully align the edges that should match up, then apply pressure to make sure surfaces adhere uniformly and completely.

3. Continue to position and attach each of the remaining build up shapes.

4. Layer the staves shapes, beginning with the wider bottom layer, with the middle width shape next, finally with the center single stave shape, taking care with each addition that the upper and lower edges are even, and that each is centered over previous layers.

5. Apply adhesive, position and attach the bands, matching up the punch holes.

6. Position, centered with edges slightly offset inside outer edges of base, and attach the front staves assembly layers onto the front base barrel shape.

7. Glue the nailhead punch dot circles into the punch recesses on bands.

8. Position the front panel assembly over the back and build up sides, and attach, making sure that the sides and bottom edges all match up as exactly as possible.

9. Layer the sign shapes and glue together. Position and attach as desired on the front, using dimensional foam squares as the sample does, if desired.

10. Position the apple accent shapes onto the front slider build up layer, beginning with the "whole" applies on the back layer at the top of the shaped edge. Then position and attach the next layer, overlapping the previously-positioned apples. Finally, position the bottom, front layer apples . . .

 . . . which all include the straight cut-off bottom edges. Use a straight edge laid even with the side of panel extension bottom straight edges.

Add leaves to selected apple tops.

11. If desired, make a "dry fit" of the slider layers to make sure your gift card fits, and that the build up of your selected card stock is "thick" enough to be slightly above the top surface of the gift card when it is in place.

If needed, you may need to cut an additional build up layer. Just make sure the added thickness will fit into the pocket of the barrel assembly.

12. Position and attach first build up layer on the base shape, and taking great care that all outside, edges line up as exactly as possible.

13. Continue to position and attach each of the remaining build up layers . . . 

. . . taking care to position all edges so that they line up as exactly as possible. Finally position and attach the front/apples assembly slider layer.

To make the slider work, the bottom of the slider is inserted into the pocket of the barrel base assembly.

Place the gift card into the slider chamber, then slide the slider into closed position.

Here is the completed card holder.

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