Sunday, August 9, 2015

Vintage 3d Desk Gift Card Holder Assembly

Replica all-in-one desk with seat model 
has lid that lifts to reveal a tray that holds a gift card, 
and makes a great teacher thank you or good luck to student. 
Measures approx. 4" tall x 3.25" wide x 3.5" deep. 
Accent shapes make it more fun 
to "colorize" this classic school furniture model. 
Attached struts are part of lid under-rim build up; 
fold out to hold up the lid; fold under to close. 

1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A lid (cut from accent paper)
B desk tray box (holds gift card)
C lid under-rim build up with supports
D lid under-rim build up shapes (4)
E right side with back; accent
F left side with front; accent
G back support with accent
H legs support with accent
I seat, seat accent
Not shown: sides connector tag; 
        support accents

2. Prepare the desk tray box by folding sides and corner tabs tab, top lid connector tab up.

(NOTE this shape is shown from the inside; if this paper had a face side, what is seen here would be the backside.)

The hole in the center is the "poke" hole to assist with removal of the snugly fitting gift card. A cover circle is included in the cut file to cover this, from inside or underside, if desired.

3. Form the tray by bending adjacent sides together to line up the straight end corner edge to line up at the corresponding tab perforation line. Glue the tab under the straight edge.

Repeat for all four corners.

4. Attach the accent shapes to their base shapes. Shown here are the side/front, side/back, back support, legs support (includes a tiny notch on one end to match notched legs support main shape).

Cut file includes front and back support accent shapes. This model will use only the "front" or face shapes.

5. Apply glue to right short side and adjacent long side that includes the lid attachment tab.  Bend side/back shape as shown here, line up the corner angles and top edges, etc., and glue in place.

6. Bend the side/front shape and attach in similar manner.

7. Fold the connector tab shape on the center perforation line as "valley" fold. Apply adhesive to the backside of both tabs, then fit into the angle where the back edge and support edges come together, and glue in place to connect the two shapes.

Make sure that the connector is even with the back cross panel's bottom edge.

8. Insert the seat support leg top tab ends through the slots in the main seat shape, and bend toward the center.

Glue tabs in place.

9. Apply glue to underside and attach seat accent to conceal the tab construction.

10. Identify the legs cross support by locating the tiny notch at the top of the leg shape.

Fold the leg shapes, back from the cross support strip.

11. Line up each of the leg support portions of the cross support shape with the corresponding rounded edge of the main side support shapes, and glue in place.

12. Repeat the process to line up and attach the back cross support shape to the "legs" under the tray box.

13. Bend the lid connector tab up.

14. Prepare the under-rim build up shape that includes the support struts by bending back the end reinforcement tabs; glue in place to the backside of the strut.

15. Turn the lid shape face side down.

Position the under rim shape with struts on the backside of lid, bottom portion, with rounded edges of both lined up as exactly as possible. Glue rim portion in place, keeping struts unattached.

16. Position and attach other under rim shapes, one at a time, taking care for "perfect" alignment on top of the previous rim shape. 

(This under rim build up should help the lid fit onto the box tray better.)

17. Apply adhesive to the underside of the lid connector tab.

Position and attach to the connector tab that is part of the box tray.

Use the strut supports when the lid is open to support the lid as shown.

NOTE: one strut may be sufficient support; trim the second away if you prefer.

Fold the struts back and out of the way when the lid is closed.

Here, the pointing finger is indicating that the tray rim edges should fit inside the under-rim build up edge to help it remain closed.

Insert the gift card into the tray as shown.

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  1. I made one last night to practice!! It’s adorable! Mine downloaded tiny and it never occurred to me until I cut 12.... yes not so bright but have a 100 things going on. So I made the tiny one but also tried to resize it big enough, the gc card moves a little but at least it fits! Lol thank you so much Jodi for this awesome set.