Sunday, January 24, 2016

Love Potion 3d Bottle With Print Label Assembly

Hex based dimensional love potion bottle
for Valentine display, or as a special and unique
love or friendship message or gift card container
(back includes a trap door that opens to the interior).

Decorate the outside with the "print & cut" label as shown here
that is also available (soon) as a purchase download from
Silhouette America's online store, and through
other outlets as a download to print and hand cut.
A layered cutout version is also available, if preferred.
Vessel measures approx. 11" tall x 4" wide x 3.5" deep.

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A base shape (#1 cut in tab)
B base reinforcement shape
C main hull shape (#2 cut in tab)
D trap door closure latch/knob
E trap door overlay
F print & cut label
G neck shapes (6; #3 cut in tabs)
H cap shape (#4 cut in tab)
I cap rim build up shapes (6)
2. Prepare the base cup shape by bending back on
all vertical and horizontal perforation lines, including tabs.
3. Shape the base by bringing the angle straight edge
to overlap the adjacent tab to perforation line
and glue in place. Repeat for the second segment
of the angle edge, and also for the remaining angles.
4. Complete the base side seam and final two angle edges
by bringing the side straight edge to overlap opposite
tab to perf line and gluing, etc.
5. Bend the end tabs inward to form a platform.
Apply glue to the face surfaces of tabs, then bend
the end hexagon into position, adjust so that
straight edges and tab perf lines align as closely
as possible, and glue in place.
6. Prepare the base hull reinforcement shape
by bending all edge flanges forward . . .
. . . then insert the reinforcement ring into the interior
of the base . . . 
. . . line up the flange top cut edges with the base top
cut edges, and apply pressure to secure in place.
(Other options explained after Step 7.)
7. Prepare the optional print & cut "Love Potion" adhesive label
using the separate print and cut file (available as a
companion design to the Love Potion 3D Bottle design
through Silhouette America. Also will become available
as a pdf print and hand-cut version from SnapDragon Snippets
and SVG Attic).
Refer to the Silhouette America tutorials for "print & cut"
on their blog:
Or view an older YouTube video on the topic

Here's an overview of the process:
A. First the design is opened, letter size Page Design
selected, and the design moved to use your adhesive white label
paper efficiently, within the red cut space margins.
B. Next select and set the "Open Registration Marks" window
to Style 1 Type 1. Registration marks will show on screen
how they will print onto the page to allow the Cameo to
"see" where the label's edge cut should be made.
(NOTE adjust the registration marks to save the
remainder of your adhesive paper for another job
by using the sliders in the "Position" adjustment window.)
C. Load your media - adhesive white label sheet in this case
 - into your printer.
Send the print job with registration marks to your
regular printer (your choices will show in the "Print" window).
D. Place printed sheet onto the mat, load into the Cameo
in the usual way, and send the job to cut.
E. Remove the shape and excess sheet from
cut sheet.
OTHER OPTIONS: A cut and layered label version
is also available for purchase and download through
Silhouette America, SnapDragon,
and will be included in the SVG Attic set.
Simply cut the shapes and layer in the
approximate configuration as shown in this 
print and cut (minus some of the lettering).

8. Peel away the backing from the label shape,
then position and attach to the main hull shape.
NOTE that the "front" of the main shape
is located by positioning the shaped end upward,
and counting the second "panel" from the left
(opposite the trap door end).
9. Prepare the latch/knob shape by bending as shown:
center perf line as "mountain", outer perf lines as "valley".
Bring the two center areas together back to back, and
glue to form the "knob".
10. Insert the knob tab through the trap door slot,
push completely into place, and glue the surfaces
that touch the backside of the trap door in place.
11. Position door overlay onto the panel door cut,
sliding the slot over the knob . . . 
. . . and glue in place.
Straight left edge should line up along the
base's perforation hinge line.
This image shows the trap door mechanism,
with overlay that will keep the door from pushing
too far into the bottle's interior, with the tab nib
extending to catch under the door opening edge
when closed.
12. Bend the upper angle seams into position,
one segment at a time, to overlap the straight edge
to the adjacent tab perf line, and glue in place.
Complete all angle seams along the top edge.
13. Form the main hull shape into a tube to
bring the side straight edge to overlap the opposite
tab flange, and join the side seam, also the
angle seams above it.
14. Prepare the neck shapes by bending side tabs
back, bottom trapezoid shape upward.
15. Join two neck shapes side by side
by overlapping left straight edge of second shape
over the corresponding side tab perforation line.
Continue adding the remaining neck shapes . . . 
. . . until all 6 are glued in sequence.
NOTE that bottom angle seams remain
unattached at this point in assembly.
16. To join the bottom angle seams, bend the
adjacent edge and tab outward to line up,
then glue in place. Complete 5 angle seams
in the joined sequence.
17. Form the neck into a tube to bring together
the final side seam and join. Also join the
final angle seam.
18. Prepare the cap shape by bending back on all
perforation lines.
19. Form the bottom angle seams by bending
the straight edge to overlap the wedge tab to
line up with the perforation line.
Complete all the angle seams.
20. Form the cap shape into a tube, then overlap
the final angle and side seams, and join.
21. Bend the top tabs inward, bend the hexagon "lid" 
into position and join in place.
It may be helpful to turn the cap assembly top down
on flat surface, then reach in and press against tabs and lid.
22. Prepare the rim lip build up by joining the 6
hexagon shapes into a stack, taking care to line up
all cut edges as accurately as possible.
23. Apply glue to the hex lid of cap,
then position, centered, on the backside of the
build up stack, and attach.
24. Assemble the components by sliding the
main hull over the base shape and gluing in place.
Then place and attach the neck unit onto the
top of the main section.
Place the cap over the top of the neck,
(first apply quick-grab glue such as Fabri-Tack 
onto top edge of neck tube,
and also on the inside near the bottom edges of cap)
slide completely down into position,
and attach in place.
Finish, if desired, by placing an actual 1" cork
into the bottle opening.
Embellish as desired.
Finished Love Potion bottle.

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