Sunday, January 10, 2016

Pony Team Assembly

Harness up this pair of fantasy ponies
to the miniature Princess Carriage.
Mostly "2d", these horses are put together simply
as layers with a build-up contrast pair of layers inside,
contrast mane and tail, harness yoke that
is made to fit into a slot in the front of the carriage design.
Measures approx. 5.5" tall x 4" deep x 7.75" long.
Ponies can also be used as 2D play or decor shapes.

ASSEMBLY GUIDE: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A body with foreleg up   B body with legs down
C inner left and right "build up" contrast bodies
D harness unit: contr base, vert. & horiz. overlay
E inner/backside harness base and horiz. overlay
F mane and tail contr overlays
G main yoke bar, cross bar
H yoke bar under reinforcements (2)
I carriage connection end accent   J front end accent
NOT SHOWN: stabilizer cross bar (see step 15)
(to connect tops of harness between two ponies)
2. Place contrast inner body shapes (left & right)
backsides together, match edges, and join.
3. Position contrast build up unit on backside of
leg-up body shape, match (offset slightly) upper
edges, and glue in place.
4. Position leg-down body over previous assembly,
matching chest, nose, head, mane, back, tail edges
and glue in place (to inner build up shape,
also mane and tail; ears will NOT line up).
5. Position and attach contrast mane and tail shapes
on both sides. 
6. Prepare harness accents. For OUTER harness units 
(one LEFT and one RIGHT required per team), layer vertical and
horizontal (circle punched) overlays.
For INNER harness units (one LEFT & one RIGHT),
layer only horizonal overlay.
Position and attach one outer and one inner harness
accent unit to each side of both ponies
so that when standing side by side, complete harness
units will be seen on the outside of each.
7.  Prepare the main yoke bar by bending long side edges
down, top side tabs inward, top tab down.
Glue top (end) tab to side tabs.
8. Position and attach carriage connection end
accent in place on main yoke bar. 
9. Prepare reinforcement brackets by bending side tabs
back. Insert one bracket near front . . .
. . . second approx. halfway back, but forward
of the cross bracket assembly position.
10. Prepare the yoke cross bar by bending front and 
back tabs down, harness ends upward.
11. Position the cross bar over the main yoke bar,
matching brad punch holes, and glue touching
surfaces together.
NOTE that the harness extensions have a slight
curve. The inside, or hollow, of the curve
should face toward the top (left in this image)
of the main yoke bar.
12. Prepare top end accent shape by bending side tabs
back. Position over the top end of the main yoke bar,
matching brad punch holes, and glue in place.
13. Attach decorative mini brads through two punch holes.
14. Position harness extension over upper portion of 
harness base on inside face of each pony
to join the team.
15. Bend the end tabs of stabilizer top bar back,
then position and attach (face side up) at top of
INSIDE harness shape.
(Position and attach each end to a pony harness.)
Here is the completed team with yoke assembly.
16. To join pony team assembly to
Princess Carriage Model, insert the end tab
into the bottom of the foot board slot in the chassis.
Glue top surface of yoke to bottom surface of
foot board (or leave unattached to allow
for disassembly). 
Finished team and carriage.


  1. Sorry!!, but does this also have a print format?

    I know I keep asking, I like to cut the pieces out and then send it to my daughter to make to keep her

    1. Wish I had a better answer. No, we don't do print versions. We prepare cut files for purchase and downloading.