Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Balloon Pop Around Card

Simple, yet interactive, this is a quick and delightful
celebration card for birthday, or accomplishment
you wish to acknowledge.
It measures approx. 5.625" tall,
and in its flat open form is 5" wide,
but when closed (or "spun" inward)
it measures approx. 4.25" wide.
The "pleat" at the center allows the sides to "move"
outward slightly, which causes the balloon at the center
to rotate (when you will see the contrast color balloon
that is on the back.
Pull outward and push back inward
to watch the balloon "spin".

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
 top row left to right: card base, front accents, back accents
bottom row: front balloon with contrast base
and back balloon with contrast base
2. Prepare the base card by bending the left 
vertical perforation lines (at top and bottom)
 as a "valley" folds,
and the right perf line as a "mountain" folds.
3. Prepare the balloon elements
by layering the accent shapes on top of
their corresponding "tear drop show thru"
NOTE that these balloons are mirror images
of each other, NOT interchangeable.
4. Position and attach the balloon accents
to their respective positions on front or back
of the card base.
5. Position and attach the side frame accent
overlays to front (shown here)
and back. Don't forget the small shapes
at center top and bottom, and near
the middle of the balloon's streamer.
Card assembly is complete.
Now play with it to see how the action works:
Opened flat with sides fully extended outward . . .
. . . then begin to push inward to see
the balloon shape pivot . . .
. . . until the backside of the balloon
is fully visible, even though it is the
front of the card base that is
being viewed.
Simple enough for even a young
recipient to work!

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