Sunday, February 14, 2016

Cake Slice 3d Box Eighth Assembly

Wedge shaped box with lacy-edge lid masquerades 
as a cake slice, with flat side "cake" stripes. 
Inside, optional insert holds a standard mini cupcake treat in place. 
Side slots (1/2")  in box base and lid allow for "silky" ribbon 
to thread through to tie as top decoration. 
Combine 8 boxes, 
with chunky candle that fits at center, as a party centerpiece. 
Or use optional flame-only accent on top of single box. 
Slice box measures approx. 3.25" wide x 4.125" tip to curve x 2" tall. 
Whole cake measures approx. 9.5" diam. 
Candle measures approx. 1.125" x 1.125" x 5.5" tall. 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
(shown here are shapes for ONE box wedge,
and ONE candle)
A main box base    B optional mini cupcake insert
C lid shape     D  cake accent shapes
E candle shaft shape
F flame base    G flame front & back overlays
H candle base  (not shown: optional whole base)
2. Prepare the main box shape by bending back
on all perforation lines and tab perf lines.
3. Position and attach the cake accent strips.
NOTE that the upper strip should line up along
the bottom of the top ribbon slot, with
inner (point) end lined up at tip panel perf line.
Position the lower accent shape centered 
between the upper strips and
the box's bottom wedge perforation line.
4. Add some curl to the back section of the base
by running a cylinder tool such as a pencil or this
spatula handle behind the shape while applying
finger pressure from the front.
5. Bend the sides up, the back across to bring
the straight side edge to overlap the back side tab,
adjust, and glue in place.
6. Bring the straight edge at the tip end
to overlap the tip end section tab perforation line,
adjust and glue in place.
Also glue the tiny bottom tab to the wedge base.
7. Apply glue to the sequence of tabs along
the curve back bottom seam,
then ease the curved plain edge to line up
along the tab perf lines evening, and
hold in place until secure.
It may be helpful, once the tab glue grabs,
to place the seam bottom down on flat surface
and apply pressure to the tabs from the inside.
8. Fold all base upper edge tabs toward the inside
and glue in place.
9. Prepare the mini cupcake insert by bending
side edges and back edge tab sequence downward.
Place the insert into the bottom of the base.
(NOTE this may be a tight fit.)
10. Prepare the lid by bending back on all perforation lines.
11. Add some curl to the back section.
12. Bend the shape to bring the point tip section into
position, overlap opposite side end at tab,
and complete the two short seams at the tip.
13. Bend the back section into position to complete
the short side seam.
14. Apply glue to the tab sequence, then tuck
under the curve plain edge, adjust evenly,
then hold in place until secure.
15. Fill the wedge box, if desired, with mini cupcake,
then position the lid over the top.
16. Thread optional ribbon (approx. 24" length) 
thru lid slot, behind base rim, down across box side,
then insert into the slot at the bottom angle
of the box to cross box bottom on the inside,
then out through opposite bottom slot,
across outside of box side, into upper slot,
under rim, and out through the lid slot.
Here is the ribbon threaded and . . .
. . . and ready to tie into a bow.
17. To complete the whole cake,
complete a total of 8 wedge boxes, then assembly around
chunky candle.
18. Prepare the candle shaft by bending back on all
perforation lines.
19. Form the shaft into a tube to bring the straight
side edge to overlap the opposite tab perforation line . . . 
. . . and glue in place.
It may be helpful to insert a rod tool to provide
a "press-against" surface.
20. Prepare the flame base by bending back
in half, and gluing backsides together,
leaving short end tabs free.
21. Position and attach appropriate overlay shape 
onto front and back of base.
22. Insert the flame tabs into shaft lid slot,
bend back and glue to lid backside.
23. Bend lid tabs back, apply glue,
then tuck into the inside rim and hold
in place until secure.
24. Insert the candle bottom through the base
opening to end tab perf marks . . . 
. . . bend tabs outward, and glue in place.
Position and attach optional whole octagon base
to bottom of assembly.
Here is a view of 7 of the 8 slices for
the whole cake centerpiece . . .
. . . and the single wedge box.
Optional: Finish a single cake slice wedge
with the flame (base and overlays)
inserted through slots of one or both of the
"extra" scallop flame base shapes in the cut file,
then attached to the lid in the space
between the ribbon bow and the slide tip.

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  1. How cute to have the slices centered around the candle! I also really like the lacy edge.