Thursday, February 11, 2016

Love One Another I-Beam Display

Display this dimensional message of kindness 
composed of build-up welded blocky 'LOVE' letters shape 
with built up layers of 'one another' attached to the front. 
Self "stand" is created with fold-together I-beam flanges 
with narrow side tabs that slide into a channel created 
by layered back and back shape with narrower slot back layer. 
Finished size is approx. 11" wide x 4.125" tall x 1" deep.

(This tutorial is under construction.
Please return soon to view
completed assembly guide.)

1. Identify and cut the shapes:
(clockwise from upper left) Main LOVE shape (5)
one another shape cut (2)
I-Beam shapes
Back SLOT Love shape
Inner CHANNEL Love shape (2)

2. Layer the 5 main LOVE shapes, one by one, on top
of each other to prepare the "build up" shape.
Take care to make sure all cut edges are lined up
as precisely as possible.
NOTE: it will be easier to accomplish this by
applying glue to one letter 'area' at a time,
to allow for more precise alignment of cut edges.
Once one is lined up, move to the next to align,
until all are positioned.
3. In similar fashion, line up and join the 2 channel
LOVE shapes, taking care to line up cut edges as
precisely as possible,
applying glue to one letter area as described in
step 2, above.
4. Position and attach the channel build-up layers
on the backside of the main LOVE shape build up,
taking care to line up edges precisely.
5. Position and attach the back slot layer
to the backside of the build up assembly,
taking care to line up all cut edges precisely.
6. Position and attach the 'one another' phrase cut shapes
to each other.
7. Position and attach (areas that touch)
the 'one another' shape on the front
of the main assembly, centering as shown.
8. Prepare the I-Beam shapes by folding back
on the perforation lines as shown:
back on the to center-most lines
forward on the 2 pairs of outer lines.
9. Apply glue to the narrow sections on each side
of the center section (or alternatively, to the center section)
then . . . 
. . . fold the narrow section folds to meet in the center,
and press continually up and down the seam until
glue is secure.
10. Apply glue to one side of the next "beam" section,
then bring together the two corresponding sections . . .
. . . with the end tabs bent outward.
This is the way the I-beam should appear when
finished. Take particular care to pinch and
glue the corners at the inside of the 'L' on each
side of the beam where it meets the end piece.
11. Insert the non-tabbed top end of the I-beam
along the slot, then insert the tabs into the channel
visible at the bottom edge of the build up assembly . . .
. . . and push up the slot until the bottom of assembly
and of the I-beam line up exactly.
Insert all I-beams into corresponding slots
behind L and E.
(Note that the slot shown in this image
behind the 'V' has been eliminated in the final design.)
Here is the completed display.

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