Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Happy Birthday Balloons Box Card

Here's a fun and surprisingly quick-to-assemble
box card to delight your next birthday celebrant!
Measures approx. 4.5" x 4.5" when folded flat,
but opens to be approx. 2.25" wide x 2.25" deep.

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A box front base panel   B box side base panels
C box back base panel
D front bridge with balloon & star accents
E middle bridge with balloon & star accents
F front bridge with balloon & star accents
G front panel accent with overlay, word cutouts
H side panel overlays
I back panel accent
2. Prepare the base panels by bending 
side tabs and flaps back.
Lay out the box base panels in order
(shown here l to r: side, front, side, back)
overlap straight side edge over adjacent
side tab perforation line, and join into one panel.
3. Position and attach accent panels to sides
and back, accent with overlay and word cutouts
on front panel.
NOTE these are all attached to the face side
of the base panel (which means that the
backside of the bae panel will show as the
outside panels of the box once assembled.
4. Form the base panel into a tube to bring the
remaining (back here) straight side edge
to overlap the opposite tab perf line,
and glue in place.
NOTE that it is possible, when joining this
final side seam, to press the tube flat
and apply pressure along the seam being
5. Prepare the bridge panels by
gluing the accent shapes onto the front
offset extensions, and bending
the side flaps back to perpendicular.
NOTE that the bridges may include an order
number cut in the right tab margin:
#1 is front bridge, #2 is middle, #3 is back.
6. Open the box base to cube form,
and bend the front, side flaps down
and out of the way.
Apply glue to the face side tabs of
bridge #3, then insert in to the box cavity,
position at the one-quarter position
forward from the back,
and attach tabs to inside side surfaces.
Make sure that the top of the side edge of bridge
lines up at the side flap perforation line angle,
that the bridge is parallel to the base back panel
and perpendicular to the bottom of the box.
7. As soon as the back bridge is in place
but before the glue has cured completely,
fold the card into its flat position and apply
finger pressure through the layers
along the area where each bridge tab is
attaching to help the bridge "self adjust".
This will ensure that the card WILL lay flat
for inserting into an envelope (or storing).
NOTE: perform this "adjusting" step
after each bridge is positioned and attached.
8. Position and attach the middle bridge (#2)
in front of the back bridge,
at the halfway point between box cavity
front and back.
9. Position and attach the front bridge (#1)
at the one-quarter from the front of the cavity
Here is the completed box card
in its open, display form.

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