Monday, February 27, 2017

Leprechaun Bootie Card

Elfish footwear as St. Patrick's Day greeting card. 
Layers suggest contour and form, 
with upper and mid overlays, sole, two-part heel, 
opt. band, buckle, slots for threading .5" wide 
accent ribbon through build-on base silhouette. 
Other details include, layered shamrock, 
dangle "coin" circles, layered ticket style "Blarney" tag. 
Shaped offset front, with back that includes 
perforation that allows lower portion to fold away 
to reveal message space.  
Measures approx. 5x7 when closed. 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes.
A bootie base   B & C bootie upper & lower fronts
D sole  E heel base and accent
F buckle     G shamrock layers
H danglers (coins)
I card base front    J card base back
K tag front, back and "Blarney" word cut
2. Layer upper and lower fronts onto the card base,
matching corresponding edges.
Layer the heel shapes.
Attach sole and heel unit onto the card front.
3. If using ribbon, thread down-up around the
narrow  "stiles" across the space between
upper and lower. Leave a 1" tail on each end
(to wrap around to the backside).
4. Thread ribbon up/down through the buckle's
center post . . .
. . . then position and attach the buckle at the front
edge of the bootie in the ribbon channel.
NOTE: if preferred, substitute the channel space shape
that can be positioned and attached, before
placing the buckle.
5. Layer the shamrock, then position and attach
at the middle of the bootie assembly.
6. Prepare optional danglers by cutting and attaching
lengths of twine or perle cotton through the punch
holes. (Danglers shown each have their own
string; it may be possible to knot several onto
one or two strings.)
7. Position strings near back of bootie top edge,
then wrap to the back and glue or tape
to secure in place.
6. Position and attach the front assembled panel
onto the card base front.
7. Prepare the card back base panel by bending
the lower portion forward.
8. Apply adhesive to the backside of the
upper portion only, then position and attach
to the backside of the card base front,
lining up edges that match.
Here is the completed card, with
layered tag tied on to the "loop" at the
top edge of card bases.

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