Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Leprechaun Hat & Bow Tie Embellishments

Two miniature, dimensional embellishments
for St. Patrick's Day decorating and projects.
These two are sized to decorate 
the LUCKY Letter Box Ensemble.

1. Identify and cut the shapes: (top to bottom)
crown, brim, band with buckle, tiny shamrock
2. Prepare the crown by bending back
on all panel and tab perforation,
bending bottom scalloped tabs forward.
3. Form the crown into a tube to bring
the straight side edge to overlap the opposite
tab, adjust for top and bottom edge match,
and glue seam.
4. Bend top "lid" into position, adjust so that
lid straight edges align with perforation edges,
and join each edge.
NOTE: it may be helpful to first align and join
the center edge opposite the attached edge,
then position and attach the remaining "halves".
5. Insert the brim circle over the brim and slide
it down fully until it seats over the scallop tabs.
Apply pressure all around to secure seams.
6. Prepare the hat band by bending back on all
perforations and tab.
Insert one end up/down through buckle, then . . .
. . . form band into a ring to overlap straight end
to opposite end tab perforation line, and attach.
7. Slide the band over the crown, taking care
that the buckle is positioned at the selected "front"
of hat, then slide down fully until buckle bottom edge
touches brim. Glue in place.
8. Tuck shamrock stem end under band
and glue in place.
9. Prepare the main tie shape by bending back
on all perforation lines.
10. Add some curl to the loop centers by
drawing that portion of each side extension
over a rod tool such as this barrel pen.
(Think curling ribbon.)
Here is the aimed-at effect of the curling.
11. Curl (avoid bending/creasing)
one end forward to align the punch holes,
and glue in place. Then . . .
. . . curl the second extension end to center
in similar manner, align punch holes, and attach.
12. Bend the knot base over the loop ends,
with the attached tab wrapped around and under
to the back. Glue back tab in place.
Position and attach the rounded square accent
(and optional roundish accent, if desired)
on the front knot base.
Here are the two dimensional elements
attached to the Y LETTER BOX.

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