Monday, February 27, 2017

Leprechaun Kisses Card Assembly Guide

Pinwheel layers in bright coordinated prints 
with delicate echo border are 
the centerpiece of this 5x7 card. 
A layered shamrock chocolate kiss with 
print-n-cut "kiss" tag on a disc add details 
(and conceal the pinwheel spin construction). 
Below, intricate layered "KISSES" word cut 
with script "leprechaun" send the message 
for a festive St. Patrick's Day. 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A card base (side fold)     B card front panel
C star shaped border
D pinwheel spinner main shape
E pinwheel spinner secondary shape
F kiss disc    G kiss front and show-thru base
H cut-n-print "kiss-kiss-kiss" tag
I leprechaun word cut
J Kisses base   K Kisses contrast  L Kisses accent
2. Identify the positioning guide marks on the front
panel at upper sides and center top.
3. Position the star border shape
with a point at the edge where the
guide mark at top is, as well as
two side points at side guide marks.
Attach in place.
4. Begin the pinwheel spinner assembly by
layering the main shape on top of the secondary
shape, lining up the center holes.
5. Turn the lower shape a quarter turn to the right,
guiding the edges between and over the section
edges of the front . . .
. . . until  the straight edge "extended" would
line up with corner of top spinner square.
Glue the shapes together where they touch.
ALTERNATIVE: If using paper pattern stripes,
the one-cut second layer shape may not offer
the "spin" of the stripes as desired.
In that case, cut 4 single shapes, then
rotate them into the positions shown below.
Layer single shape on top of the main spinner square,
line up the circles, then rotate the square under
and to the left . . . 
. . . until it is in the position described at the end 
of step 5. (Single center cut edge will help
the spin stop in the appropriate place.)
Glue surfaces together.
It may be helpful to use a pointed tool such as
this awl to keep the punch circles lines up accurately.
Repeat the positioning for remaining 3 single squares.
6. Position the spinner assemble inside the star border,
watching to make sure the spacing margin in even
all around, and glue in place.
7. Prepare the "kiss kiss kiss" tag to print and cut,
(for Silhouette Cameo software; an alternative method
will be suggested after Step ____) by clicking on
and turning "ON' the registration markings.
8. Move the tag artwork/shape into a printable portion
of the page, as shown.
9. Send the job to the printer.
10. Once printed (copy weight paper works well),
remove sheet from printer, attach to cutting sheet
in the same position as the shape was printed . . .
. . . adjust settings appropriate,
then send the job to be cut
Remove the tag from the cutting sheet.
(Review a Print & Cut tutorial from Silhouette America,
following this LINK.)
11. Layer the choc kiss shapes, then insert 
the tag behind, bending if desired to
simulate the candy tag shaping.
12. Attach the choc kiss assembly onto the center
of the circle disc, then position and attach
at the center of the spinner shapes.
13. Prepare the "KISSES" letter design by
layering the contrast letters on top of the
welded base, locating the matching shaping at top/sides
and using those corresponding edges to position.
14. Position the "KISSES" assembly below the spinner
design, centered from side to side, and approx.
the same distance above bottom edge of
center panel.
Position and attach the "leprechaun" letter cut
above as shown.


  1. This is such a neat card! I love the easy way you created that pinwheel. So much quicker than layering it piece by piece!