Sunday, February 5, 2017

Rosette Heart Pillow Box

Flattened tube with fold-in oval ends 
is a clever treat box for Valentine's Day 
or other special occasions. 
Pleated scallop edge rosette has scallop and 
plain circle medallion embellishment 
with layered heart decoration 
Box measures approx. 4.75" long x 2.5" wide 
x .75" deep. 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A box body   B rosette strips (2)
C rosette center covers (2)
D medallion (scallop circle, plain circle,
large and small hearts.
2. Prepare the body by bending back at flange tab
and middle perforation lines.
3. Carefully bend back along the curved end
perforation lines working in small sections
to bend only as far eventual resistance allows.
4. Fold the body in half with flange tucked
under, and glue the seam.
NOTE that with end curved panels
bent into flat position, the body can be
pressed flat to help secure the seam.
5. Prepare the rosette strips, beginning at
the tab end, to bend as valley, then alternate
folding mountain then valley, in accordion fashion
across the entire strip.
6. Attach the first ends seam by positioning
end straight edge over the corresponding tab
to perf line, taking care that bottom 
straight edges are aligned.
7. Form the strip assembly into a ring to bring
the opposite straight edge end and tab together
and join as for the first seam.
8. Complete the rosette form by carefully forcing
the top accordion edges into the center . . . 
. . . compressing the pleats as tightly as possible.
Hold the pleats in tight position while applying
hot glue at the pleat inner edge ring,
then quickly place the cover circle over the
center opening and glue ring.
Quickly work to push the pleats toward the center
as the hot glue cools and solidifies, to ensure
that the pleats are even all around.
9. Flip the rosette assembly over and attach
the "front" circle cover with hot glue.
10. Assemble the medallion shapes . . . 
. . . position and attach to the center of
the rosette, then attach to the box body,
centering over the guide mark punch hole.
11. To form the "box", bend the finger tab 
end panel inward . . .
. . . then bend the plain end panel inward.
Insert gift card, cash, goodies or treats, etc.,
then close the final end panels.

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