Sunday, May 21, 2017

Case Handle With Bracket Ends

Embellish a container, suitcase or hat box project 
with a grip-style suitcase handle that has ends 
that "wrap" through brackets with two-rivet accents 
(or use mini brads or nail head studs). 
Includes a hand-stitched variation for extra detail. 
Approx. 4.5" long (bracket punch holes approx. 4" apart) 
by 1" (handle) or 1.375" (bracket width). 
Handle arches approx. one inch high. 
Companion design to Box 3D Latch Flap
(see that project tutorial HERE). 

1. Identify and cut the shapes:
4 brackets
1 strap  (this is the plain one;
the stitched one will be shown later)
2. Bend each bracket forward at the dash cuts
on the end of the oval base of bracket.
3. To increase strength, layer two brackets
and glue together, matching the bend,
to create a left and a right bracket of 2 layers each.
4. Add some curl to the handle by running the shape
between a round rod tool such as this pen shaft
and thumb pressure.
5. Bend the end tabs back on the perforation lines.
NOTE: for extra strength, but a second handle
shape, hand trim tabs off just beyond 
the perforation lines,
add matching curl, then position and glue
to the underside of the handle, matching
punch holes.
6. Insert each handle end through the front
of a bracket, bend the tab back . . . 
. . . and apply glue to the tab area
only around punch hole and toward tab end,
then press the two surfaces together to join.
7. If you choose to use the handle variation with
stitching holes, apply the stitches at the beginning
of the assembly. 
Thread soft twine, 6-ply floss, etc. to a fairly fine
darning or crewel embroidery needle
(check to see how it will pass when threaded
through the very small punch holes in cut shape).
Begin at one end, with tail anchored with small
piece of cellophane tape on the underside,
then stitch up and down through all holes
to create stitches.
At the end of one side, pass the thread across
to the opposite line of punch holes
and repeat to complete the second run.
After the final stitch, clip excess leaving a short
tail, then anchor the tail with tape.
Finish with eyelet rivets through strap holes,
and mini brads through bracket holes as shown.
This handle is a companion design
for the Box 3D Latch Wrap project
which can be viewed HERE.
Here you can see the stitched handle
on the top of decorated box.

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